Invisible Braces | What Are My Options?

Invisible Braces What are my options

Considering Invisible Braces? If you are thinking about invisible braces, you may be wondering, “What are my options?” Braces can be very effective in treating different problematic areas of orthodontic health. If you want to make the most of your smile, perhaps the best thing you can do is opt for orthodontic treatment utilizing braces. […]

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Average Invisalign Cost Westchester, NY

Invisalign Near Me

Thinking About Invisalign? The average Invisalign cost in Westchester, NY ranges from $2999 – $6999. However, the price differs for each patient and is based upon specific individual needs. The factors that determine your personal cost of Invisalign include: Severity of issues being corrected The length of treatment Number of aligners required Insurance coverage As […]

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Breast & Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

Ovarian cancer Awareness

Let’s work together for the common good. Our office is actively participating to fight breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Together, we can support a great organization that is helping people who really need it. You may know someone affected by cancer, or you may not. Either way, you can do something simple to help your […]

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10 Tips For Braces Pain Relief

Braces have become more comfortable and more effective than ever! Getting fitted for braces during your initial experience can take some getting used to. There may potentially be some mild discomfort as you adjust to the new feeling of hardware inside your mouth. To relieve discomfort for first time orthodontic patients, Glaser Orthodontics has come […]

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Glaser Orthodontics Goes Green!

In response to the New York State ban on single-use shopping bags, Glaser Orthodontics has decided to move toward the future ahead of schedule. As an environmentally conscious practice, Glaser Orthodontics is now offering modern recyclable bags for our patients! By taking strides toward maintaining our community and the earth as a whole, Glaser Orthodontics […]

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10 Tips for Braces Pain Relief

Braces have advanced in technology, becoming more comfortable than ever before. Wearing braces for the first time will take some getting used to. There may initially be some mild discomfort as you grow more adjusted to this new feeling in your mouth. To alleviate most uncomfortable situations for first time braces patients, Glaser Orthodontics has […]

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10 Things That Will Make You Smile

Glaser Orthodontics is Proud to Present: 10 Things That Will Make You Smile in Westchester County NY 1: Hudson Valley Hot Air Balloon Festival. This event makes for a lovely summer day. You can take flight in a real hot air balloon, enjoy entertainment like foods, drinks, and music. Fun for the whole family in […]

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Choosing a World Renowned Invisalign Orthodontist

You could choose any orthodontist to work on your teeth. However that probably wouldn’t be a good idea. You don’t want just any doctor when it comes to the health and appearance of your mouth. This is especially true when you are considering Invisalign. If you had the option, why would you settle for anything […]

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Invisalign Westchester New York

Where Can I Find Invisalign Braces Near Me? Glaser Orthodontics has been dedicated to providing affordable orthodontic treatment for patients of all ages. Invisalign is an ideal choice for patients who want the benefits of orthodontics without affecting their appearance or diet. Glaser Orthodontics provides a full range of orthodontic services not just limited to […]

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Enter Our 3rd Annual Flat Smileman Contest!

flat smileman contest blog

Heard of “Flat Stanley”? I’m sure you’re a fan, Now please meet “Flat Smileman” Wherever you travel make sure you know, He’s in your suitcase and ready to go. He won’t cost you extra, not even to feed, A picture with him is what we need, A $50 Amazon Gift Card is what we will […]

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