Glaser Orthodontics Goes Green!

In response to the New York State ban on single-use shopping bags, Glaser Orthodontics has decided to move toward the future ahead of schedule. As an environmentally conscious practice, Glaser Orthodontics is now offering modern recyclable bags for our patients! By taking strides toward maintaining our community and the earth as a whole, Glaser Orthodontics wants to do our part in preserving the land we love.

Learn the Facts

Small changes eventually add up to create a huge impact! Over a trillion single-use plastic bags, go to waste after they serve their purpose every single year. Nearly 2 million of these bags are in circulation every 60 seconds. Plastic bags are suffocating our supply of clean air. They are poisoning our water, killing our natural inhabitants, and overall destroying the world around us. This is simply a shame because the world is a big, beautiful place.

Doing Our Part

If we want to make certain the world we know continues as it should, we have to start making differences now. With a growing population, we must take steps to eliminate harmful and overused plastic. Around every 60 years our population doubles, so if you were to imagine how many more plastic bags would potentially go into circulation, the number is almost unfathomable. The energy that goes toward creating 12 plastic bags could power a car for a mile. Energy is not free. Electricity is derived from fossil fuels, and everything is connected. Glaser Orthodontics realizes this, and we hope to do our part in remaining conscious of the world around us.

Changing Times

Governments around the world have been implementing bans on plastic bags for some time now. The European Union is taking steps to eliminate up to 80% of plastic bags by this year. In the U.S. alone over 100 billion plastic bags are used by consumers every year. This is unnecessary waste that we can easily avoid. While the plastic industry is spending millions of dollars to fight these ordinances. You can help make the change and say no to the overuse of plastic products. Don’t support an industry that is having a negative impact on our world. Think about the future. Think about the world as a whole. Glaser Orthodontics wants to remind you that we are doing our part. You should too!