10 Tips For Braces Pain Relief

Braces have become more comfortable and more effective than ever! Getting fitted for braces during your initial experience can take some getting used to. There may potentially be some mild discomfort as you adjust to the new feeling of hardware inside your mouth. To relieve discomfort for first time orthodontic patients, Glaser Orthodontics has come up with 10 tips for braces pain relief you can make use of at home to alleviate some discomfort derived from your own braces.

1: Dental hygiene is a huge factor in preventing further discomfort caused by braces. By practicing great oral hygiene, you are able to care for your mouth and prevent any discomfort associated with other oral issues that may arise. It is very important that you brush and floss your teeth well during your time with braces. Pay close attention to detail and get in between teeth for a fresh mouth.

2: Rinsing your mouth with warm, salty water. This may help alleviate some of the pain that comes along with having new braces. Warmer water is great for soothing gums and teeth. When aligning teeth braces guide them into place which may cause some discomfort.

3: Orthodontic wax can create a comfortable barrier between parts of your mouth, and metal orthodontic hardware. By using orthodontic wax you are able to ease and prevent irritation within the mouth that can be caused by braces.

4: Remaining thoughtful of what you eat is important. You will want to be sure that you follow along with the guidelines for what food and drink is and isn’t a good idea with braces. Avoid foods that may irritate treatment with braces. Focus on eating soft foods like fruits and veggies. This will also alleviate some inflammation or irritation if you have any in regard to your gums.

5: Advil aspirin can treat inflammation and dull pain caused by irritation and adjusting teeth.

6: Apply Orajel or another toothache soothing gel to any sore areas in the mouth. Aid in the common toothache using this method. Apply this method to discomfort caused by braces and other hardware.

7: Gently massaging your gums with fingertips in a roundabout motion is a great exercise to practice. Remain careful to avoid rubbing your inner mouth with the sides of your brackets and wires or other hardware whilst doing so.

8: Just the same way that heat can have positive pain-relieving effect, so can ice! Using an ice pack to particularly sore regions of the mouth can provide a much-needed reduction of swelling in the mouth. Resultantly, the ice can provide a great numbing effect for the whole mouth.

9: Drinking ice water is also effective. Sort of like using an ice pack, in a more refreshing form for summer months especially.

10: Patience is a virtue as some may say. In most cases, pain generally subsides on its own within a short time. Simply getting used to the hardware can be the goal for the first month. Tightening braces may also result in some minor discomfort at first. Make an appointment with Glaser Orthodontics to relieve any troubling pain that isn’t resolved with the 10 tips for braces pain relief listed above. If you have any questions or concerns, there will never be a better time to make an appointment than right now!