See what some of our previous patients had to say about their experience at Glaser Orthodontics:

My favorite thing about Glaser Orthodontics is the friendliness of the staff and doctor. The ease of making appointments and making billing arrangements was a big plus for me….my daughter was frightened about this whole experience and Dr. Glaser made this a positive experience for her…the staff is wonderful and it is the only office that truly shows it cares about the patients…the fact that my daughter is only 12 and the doctor and staff treat her as an adult and tell her exactly what is going on has made her at ease. Thanks again

-Frank Williams

My favorite thing about Glaser Orthodontics is the waiting room even though I never get to wait and play. The office is very professional yet relaxed and you automatically feel at ease and comfortable. I love how child friendly it is. When I call with a question, I have never been put on hold or told to call back. That is important to people who work and only have a couple of minutes to make call during their lunch period. Thank you.

-Nancy Juliano

The staff is always knowledgeable, accommodating friendly and courteous. The office environment is clean, warm and inviting. The hours are flexible and I love the convenience of a Saturday appointment so that I don’t have to take time off from work during the week.

-Barbara Cole

We love Glaser Orthodontics. Terrific facilities and amazing staff. They are great with staying on top of appointments, accommodating schedules and always making our son feel comfortable with the entire process. The remote options during the last 18 months have been a saving grace and we highly recommend them.

-Steve B.

The staff and doctor are always phenomenal. I continue to be impressed with their ease of routine, their confidence, and most of all their kindness!!! Nothing beats that. They are all skilled and that’s why we go there but the pristine office and gentle manner Dr. G has with his patients is stellar!

-Tara F.

Dr.Barry is the best of the best. He and his office is very intentive and always find a good schedule for my appointments! I am really happy with the progress I am making so far with my braces and glad I chose Dr. Barry’s office.

-Sasha V.

Was referred by son’s dentist. Made a quick and easy appointment with Lindsay. She was thorough and explained the process. Sent me patient paperwork that I was able to do ahead of time. No waiting when we arrived. My son (6) was treated well and felt comfortable enough to say that he had an “amazing” experience. Dr. Glaser took the time to speak with me about my son, potential issues, and the kinds of issues people see orthodontists for. He went over his philosophy and it made a lot of sense for us. We will continue to refer and use this office in the future. Thanks again!

-David C.

I typically only go out of my way to review restaurants but Dr. Glaser and his team are phenomenal. I went a few years back for a consultation and eventually went forward with Invisalign; without exception, every interaction I've had in the office (and even over the phone!) has been professional, warm, caring and competent. This is the one medical office I am never afraid to visit, as I know I will be treated as an old friend. I am also very pleased with my Invisalign results (corrected a pretty wonky front tooth) and if I have any complaints at all, it's that I don't have another teeth for them to work on and I probably won't need to go back too often 🤣 10 out of 10 would recommend.

-Maddi Z.

Dr. Glaser and his staff are incredible! They are continually working with me until my smile is perfect and I’m incredibly grateful! Their use of technology is a huge benefit to the practice and it makes the process so much easier. Definitely give these guys a chance to brighten your day with the perfect smile as you use that same smile to go into the world and brighten other people’s days. They’re incredibly friendly and they want what is best for you!

-Matthew P.

Everyone has recommended them before I decided to go to them for my two boys. I am very pleased to have taken the recommendations. My expectations have been met beyond what I thought. From the receptionist to billing to the dentist & assistants, they are such wonderful people. The care & explanation to procedures & care have been very satisfactory. Thank you for making this process so pleasant!

-Liza B.

I went here in middle school for my braces - the experience was amazing! Dr. Glazer is always in an upbeat mood and good for children of all ages! Years later, I stopped wearing my retainer and I’m back getting some updates and he’s still that great same Dr! Definitely recommend Glaser orthodontics!

-Michelle C.

I absolutely love Glaser Orthodontics. I was a patient of Dr. Glaser’s when I was growing up, and he completely transformed my smile into my favorite feature and best asset. I continue to trust him and his care team with my smile to this day. Although it’s been years since I’ve had my braces removed, any time I return to the office, the staff treats me like family. There is no other orthodontist I would trust and recommend more.

-Casey G.

Dr. Glaser has been my orthodontist for over a decade now, so it is safe to say I have grown very fond of him. As a kid going into the office was always a fun experience due to the friendly, colorful environment and the staff's visible passion for their patients. Now that I am an adult, I find that if I want to tweak things about my teeth he is always open and accommodating to anything I am looking for.

-Gabriela F.

Dr. Glaser's staff is friendly and upbeat. He is extremely knowledgeable and uses technology to ensure success. Dr. Glaser works with families to find the right 'fit' for them. He’s treated my son, me, and now my daughter. We keep coming back.

-Terri O.

My son just had his first Invisalign appointment on Wednesday, 8/4. Dr. Glaser and his entire staff couldn’t have been any more informative, patient, and thorough. I was an Invisalign patient 10 years ago with Dr. Glaser, and the experience was the same; however, with the new technology that Dr. Glaser has embraced, my son’s treatment will be even more customized. My son is very happy!

-Jaime M.

Dr. Glaser is the best! He took so much time and patience with me to find the most suitable brace option for my teeth and lifestyle. I still go back to him 5 years later for retainer help as well, his staff is the kindest and I highly recommend!

-Quinn K.

I have been going to Glaser Orthodontics for nearly 12 years now. I can say with certainty that they are very friendly and extremely professional. They give 110% to every patient. Thanks to Dr. Glaser and his wonderful team, I now have the perfect smile I've always wanted.

-Chris T.

I wasn’t too sure about Invisalign when I first started, but Dr. Glaser and his team made it an easy and fun experience. There’s something about watching your smile change within just a matter of months that makes it worthwhile and I’m glad they were able to make this happen! I definitely would recommend Invisalign to anyone looking to fix their teeth, even if it’s just a minor adjustment.

-Mickie H.

Dr. Glaser is great - he is honest, skilled, and friendly and his staff are great to work with and eager to assist. If in need of an appointment they will always do their best to fit you in. Would highly recommend Dr. Glaser!

-Jennifer K.

I super appreciate how kind and accommodating Dr. Glaser and his staff are! They answered every question I had about Invisalign, and were very comforting about the entire process. I’m excited to see what my teeth will look like at the end of treatment!! :)

-Ryan A.

To the “Glaser Group, I just want to say thank you to all of you for your expertise and professionalism – I can’t believe these are my teeth – WOW! Thank you…thank you, etc. But just as important, I need to say that you are all such nice people!! Dr. Glaser, you have an upbeat atmosphere, in your office, which can be felt upon entering. It reflects your personality, as does everyone there. You’re all awesome! With much appreciation and friendship.


Dear Dr. Glaser, I have never written a letter of thanks to a doctor before, but I would be remiss if I did not express my sincere thanks to you and your staff on behalf of my children. At every appointment, Brian and Sean were always treated with individualized attention, and special care taken to ensure that their experience with braces was comfortable and painless. Your patience and understanding of how teenagers feel while wearing braces, and how they would look upon completion, motivated my boys to feel good about having braces and to care for them properly. Thanks again.


To Dr. Glaser and your wonderful staff, Thank you all so very much for your hard work on my teeth. Everyone in your office made my visits a pleasure and I will miss seeing you all on a regular basis. Your kindness and patience made my experience with braces so much easier than my teenage encounter! I love my new smile. Thank you all – your good work has not gone unnoticed.


Dr. Glaser is great. We now have child number two under his care. Child one says her best feature is her smile! Thanks to Dr. Glaser. He is easy to talk to and the staff is A++. Appointments are easy to schedule and the financial advisor is very knowledgeable and understands the business side. The wooded tokens are always a fan favorite! Keep up the great work!

-Susan B.

Thank you all so very much for your hard work on my teeth – or should I say – troubled wisdom tooth! Everyone in your office made my visits a pleasure and I will miss seeing you all on a regular basis. Your kindness and patience made my experience with braces so much easier than my teenage encounter. Despite the trouble my tooth caused – I love my new smile!! Thank you all – your good work has not gone unnoticed.


My favorite thing about Glaser Orthodontics is the efficiency of the entire process. Although we’re not quite finished I couldn’t be more satisfied with the progress so far. The procedure was simple and easy and the results are a dramatic improvement from where we started. Also it was a pleasure dealing with you and your staff. You’re probably tired of hearing this but I just wish I had visited you much sooner.

-Paul Heesch

My favorite thing about Glaser Orthodontics is the knowledgeable, caring and friendly staff. Before my daughter and I decided on an orthodontist, we researched and visited all the orthodontists in the area, all were fine and would be acceptable, but as soon as you walk into Dr. Glaser’s office you feel welcome and as though you belong and after meeting Dr. Glaser himself, you know that he goes above and beyond all other orthodontists. He is friendly, caring, helpful, understanding and extremely knowledgeable.

-Alexis Volpe

My smile is my favorite thing about me as well as my most complimented feature. I have officially had my braces off for 10 years. Dr. Glaser recommendation of a permanent retainer has made it easy to keep my perfectly straight teeth for so long. Thankful for the kind and welcoming experience at this office.

-Marissa B.

We Love Dr. Glaser and his staff. Always friendly and most importantly, always professional. Dr. Glaser and 2 other Orthodontists were recommended by my son’s dentist, when he was ready for braces. And I’m so glad we chose them. He’s great with kids (and parents) and patiently explained the process to us, each step of the way. Needless to say, I highly recommend their services.

-Addie D.

My favorite thing about Glaser Orthodontics is the doctor and his excellent staff!! They are friendly and efficient with fun incentives for the kids as they journey through the orthodontic process.

-Nancy Griffin

The atmosphere was very comfortable and my daughter was at ease with everyone there. The office is very kid friendly and our entire experience was pleasant.

-Cameron Thomas

My son would say the Nintendo games in the waiting room. Terrific atmosphere, great prize program keeps the kids interested.

-Harrison Turner

Completely unprompted I sent a little note an hour ago or so…didn’t even know this was waiting. We had a truly positive experience at your excellent facility. Thank you again!

-Melody Munitz

What I liked most about Glaser Orthodontics was the kid-friendly atmosphere and how caring everyone seems to be, as well as accommodating. Dr Glaser was very nice and made my son very comfortable about a situation that had him a little nervous. He explained everything very clearly as well. A very patient doctor too!


Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Dr Glaser is a great Orthodontist who has helped my daughter have a beautiful smile.

-Maureen Buzzell

Comprehensive sense of professionalism, friendliness and respect that pervades the office.

-Josephine Altucher

The staff is very friendly and helpful. It is always a pleasure to see Dr. Glaser. He is great with children.

-Brett Rivera

There is not just one favorite thing about Glaser Orthodontics. The staff there is wonderful, always greets you with a smile. Dr. Glaser has done such a wonderful job on all my children’s teeth. Always a wonderful experience.

-Fran Hunt

My favorite thing about Glaser Orthodontics is the entire staff! My least favorite thing is the distance because we come from Ossining…obviously nothing you can do about that, and it is worth the trip! We are thoroughly pleased with our experience at Glaser Orthodontics. The entire staff is wonderful. This was not the first practice we visited, but will absolutely be the last. Kid friendly, parent friendly, all around A+!!!

-Brooke Weeks