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Glaser Orthodontics 2024 Scholarship Program


Dr. Glaser would like to thank all the students who participated. The selection process was a very difficult one for us. With a great deal of thorough and careful consideration, Glaser Orthodontics chooses Mary Boateng (Left) from Peekskill High School and Ashley Coronel (Right) from Hendrick Hudson High School as the recipients of their 2024 Scholarships.

Dr. Glaser offers two scholarships annually to graduating seniors from ten area High Schools who aspire to pursue careers in the health field. This year, we received 32 applications and selected the winners based on their compelling 500-word essays.

We’re proud to announce that Mary and Ashley have been chosen as deserving scholarship recipients. Additionally, Dr. Glaser has granted a total of $22,000 in scholarships since 2004, supporting students in their pursuit of healthcare dreams.

Congratulations to the 2023 Winners of Glaser Orthodontics $1000 Scholarship!

Glaser Orthodontics Proudly Donates to Support Connection

Glaser Orthodontics Proudly Donates to Support Connection
This October, Glaser Orthodontics proudly supported the ongoing efforts of Support Connection, a local non-profit that provides emotional, social, and educational support to women, their families, and friends affected by breast and ovarian cancer. Through our second Annual Initiative, every time a patient requested pink decorations on their appliances or came to their appointment wearing pink, Dr. Glaser donated. Thanks to their efforts and the generosity of Glaser Orthodontics, Dr. Glaser presented $2500 to Support Connection. We look forward to expanding our efforts and making a greater impact next October!!

Glaser Orthodontics Proudly Supports Toys for Tots

Glaser Orthodontics participated in the Toys for Tots Program this year by hosting a toy drive during the holiday season to help provide the less fortunate children in the areas with gifts to unwrap. Local Toys for Tots Campaigns are the heart and soul of the Marine Toys for Tots Program managed by dedicated United States Marines and local volunteers. Local Campaigns are the best source of Toys for Tots information on how to give and receive support in your community. Over 97% of the donations to Toys for Tots go directly to their mission of providing toys, books, and other gifts to less fortunate children. The 3% spent on support principally covers fundraising expenses — not one donated dollar goes to salaries or any other manpower costs. Thank you to our patients for their donations!

Glaser Orthodontics Proudly Supports Our Troops Through Operation Gratitude

Glaser Orthodontics participated in the Operation Gratitude Program this year by hosting a candy drive right after Halloween. Operation Gratitude delivered over 20,000 care packages to deployed troops around the world during the holiday season. Since its inception, Operation Gratitude has delivered more than 2.1 million Care Packages filled with items donated by grateful Americans and service-friendly companies that want to express their support for Heroes serving overseas and here at home. Operation Gratitude strives to bridge the civilian service divide. Thank you to our patients, and local Boy Scout troops for their donations!

Glaser Orthodontics Proudly Supports the Hope for Youth Foundation

Jim Witt lectured at the Peekskill-Yorktown Dental Society meeting about long-range weather forecasting and the “Hope for Youth Foundation”. The Foundation assists children who are mentally and/or physically challenged, or who are ill or disadvantaged. HFY also supports youth programs that facilitate healthy growth whether it is academic, emotional, or athletic. Please support this worthwhile organization by purchasing Jim’s long-range weather calendar. If you are interested in supporting this great cause, you can purchase this calendar here:

Glaser Orthodontics was pleased to welcome Jim Witt to our office! Dr. Glaser presented Jim with a check in support of the Hope for Youth Foundation, which assists children who are mentally and/or physically challenged, or who are ill or disadvantaged. HFY also supports youth programs that facilitate healthy growth whether it is academic, emotional, or athletic. Thank you Jim for allowing us to support such a worthwhile cause!!


The orthodontic field is full of opportunities. Each career choice is personally and professionally satisfying. In each you’ll be a member of a special team which produces better oral health, enhanced self-esteem and beautiful smiles. Please remember such rewards as you consider a career in orthodontics.

All orthodontists are, first of all, dentists, but only about six percent of dentists are orthodontists. Admission to orthodontic post-graduate programs is extremely competitive and selective. It takes many years to become an orthodontist. As in medicine, the educational requirements are demanding.

First, an orthodontist must complete college. Next is a three- to four-year graduate program at a dental school in a university or other institution accredited by the American Dental Association (ADA). Finally, there are at least two or three years of advanced specialty education in an ADA-accredited orthodontic residency program. The program is difficult. It includes advanced knowledge in biomedical, behavioral and basic sciences. The orthodontic resident learns the complex skills required to both manage tooth movement (orthodontics) and guide facial development (dentofacial orthopedics).

Only dentists who have successfully completed this advanced specialty education may call themselves orthodontists. For more information on orthodontics and on careers in orthodontics, talk with your orthodontist.