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Experience Exceptional Braces Care with Dr. Glaser

Leading the Westchester orthodontic space, Glaser Orthodontics is a practice committed to delivering satisfactory results using the latest technology and doctor’s expertise. Dr. Barry Glaser is a world-renowned Invisalign orthodontist, and with his extensive experience in braces, you can experience and witness exceptional care and results.

How Have Braces Evolved?

Orthodontic braces have come a long way over the years. Originally, they were bulky and uncomfortable. However, thanks to advances in orthodontics, braces are now more comfortable and effective than ever before. At Glaser Orthodontics, we offer a range of modern braces in Westchester NY that cater to different needs and preferences.

Traditional Metal Braces in Cortlandt Manor

Traditional metal braces have a long-standing history as the most widely used orthodontic treatment worldwide. Over the past century, they have undergone significant advancements, making them a highly efficient and reliable option for achieving a beautifully aligned smile.

Materials and Construction
Metal braces are made from high-quality stainless steel, which makes them last and work well. They are made up of brackets that are attached to the teeth and wires that link them. Elastic ties or power chain braces are used to hold the wire to the frames. These ties come in many bright colors, so you can add a personal touch to your dental journey.

Advancements in Comfort and Aesthetics
Metal braces are no longer bulky. Modern metal braces are thinner, more comfortable, and less obtrusive thanks to orthodontic technology. These enhancements have made the treatment experience more pleasant for patients of all ages.

Pros of Metal Braces:

  • Metal braces are highly effective in addressing a wide range of orthodontic issues, from severe overcrowding to malocclusions.
  • They do not impact your speech, allowing you to communicate comfortably.
  • The elastic ties come in a variety of fun colors, allowing you to express your personality during your treatment.
  • Metal braces are permanently fixed to your teeth, eliminating the need for removal.
  • There’s no waiting time to get started with your treatment.
  • They are often the most budget-friendly orthodontic option available.

Cons of Metal Braces:

  • Maintaining oral hygiene can be a bit challenging due to the presence of brackets and wires.
  • While less conspicuous than in the past, metal braces are still noticeable when eating and speaking.
  • They require meticulous oral hygiene practices, making them less suitable for patients with poor oral hygiene habits.
  • In some cases, metal braces can disrupt signals in imaging tests.

Throughout your treatment, regular adjustments and wire tightenings (typically every 4 to 8 weeks) are performed at our clinic. These adjustments provide consistent pressure, guiding your teeth into the desired position and correcting their alignment over time.

Clear Ceramic Braces

Clear ceramic braces offer a discreet and effective orthodontic solution, combining the benefits of traditional braces with a less noticeable appearance.

Materials and Construction
Premium materials make clear ceramic braces durable and practical. The brackets’ translucent or tooth-colored ceramic material blends with your teeth for a subtle look. Much like traditional braces, the wires are secured to the brackets and use elastic ties for attachment.

Advancements in Comfort and Aesthetics
Clear ceramic braces represent a significant leap forward in orthodontic aesthetics. Unlike their earlier counterparts, modern ceramic braces are thinner, more comfortable, and less obtrusive. Also, they are less likely to get stained or broken.

Pros of Clear Ceramic Braces:

  • Clear ceramic braces are designed to be less noticeable than traditional metal braces.
  • They are highly effective in addressing a wide range of orthodontic issues, from moderate misalignment to more complex cases.
  • Clear ceramic braces do not interfere with speech, allowing you to communicate comfortably.
  • Elastic ties can be customized to match the color of your teeth or even provide a touch of personalization.

Cons of Clear Ceramic Braces:

  • Maintaining optimal oral hygiene is crucial, as brackets and wires can make cleaning a bit more challenging.
  • While less conspicuous than metal braces, clear ceramic braces are still noticeable when eating and speaking, especially up close.
  • They require diligent oral hygiene practices, making them less suitable for individuals with poor oral hygiene habits.

Self-Ligating Brackets

At Glaser Orthodontics, we understand that orthodontic treatment should not only be effective but also comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. That’s why we offer a range of self-ligating brackets, including In-Ovation R and In-Ovation C, to enhance your orthodontic experience.

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In-Ovation R Braces
In-Ovation R represents a revolutionary advancement in orthodontic technology. This system of braces not only accelerates your treatment but also ensures a more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing experience. Here’s what you can expect:

  • In-Ovation R is designed to be more efficient, reducing the time required for your orthodontic journey.
  • These braces are not only great looking but also smaller, making them more comfortable to wear.
  • In-Ovation R offers better hygiene compared to conventional braces, ensuring a cleaner and healthier oral environment.

In-Ovation C Braces
For those who desire the benefits of self-ligating brackets without compromising on aesthetics, In-Ovation C is the ideal choice. This system utilizes an interactive self-ligating bracket system, prioritizing patient comfort and shorter treatment times while keeping aesthetics in mind. Key features include:

  • In-Ovation C employs unique translucent rhodium-covered clips, enhancing the overall cosmetic appeal of the braces.
  • Patients can now enjoy the advantages of a self-ligating bracket system while benefiting from the aesthetics typically associated with ceramic braces.

At Glaser Orthodontics, you have the option to choose self-ligating braces as a testament to our commitment to embracing advancements in the field. We aim to give you the smile you want to achieve in the shortest possible time while being comfortable in the process.

Your Orthodontic Journey with Glaser Orthodontics

At Glaser Orthodontics, we are dedicated to walking you through a personalized and efficient orthodontic journey. Here’s an overview of the key stages of your braces Westchester NY treatment:

Initial Assessment
Your journey begins with an initial assessment. Our experienced orthodontic team evaluates your unique needs and discusses tailored treatment options with you.

Customized Treatment Plan
We develop a personalized treatment plan based on your goals and requirements, ensuring an effective and efficient orthodontic experience.

Braces Placement
Once your treatment plan is in place, we gently and precisely install your chosen braces, whether they’re traditional metal braces, clear ceramic braces, or self-ligating brackets. This step sets the foundation for your smile transformation.

Ongoing Adjustments
Throughout your journey, we schedule regular adjustments to fine-tune your braces and monitor your progress. These appointments keep your treatment on the right track.

How Do You Choose the Best Braces in Cortlandt Manor, NY?

Selecting the right braces is a crucial step in your orthodontic journey. At Glaser Orthodontics, we understand that every patient’s needs are unique. Here’s how you can make a wise choice:

Book a Consultation
Begin with an initial consultation. One of the best ways to determine the most appropriate option is to discover your orthodontic case and what your specialist is going to recommend.

Consider Your Lifestyle
Think about your lifestyle, preferences, and priorities. Are you looking for a discreet option like ceramic braces, the reliability of traditional metal braces, or the comfort of self-ligating brackets?

Discuss with Our Experts
Engage in open and honest discussions with Dr. Glase. He will provide insights, answer your questions, and help you make an informed decision.

Determine Your Budget
Not every brace type costs the same. Ask our team about the cost of treatment, your flexible payment options, and your insurance coverage to help you decide what fits best.