The road to a winning smile requires excellent teamwork. Your orthodontist has years and years of education and experience that helps him or her put the braces on just right. The patient is also a team member, carefully brushing and flossing the teeth, avoiding hard or sticky foods that may bend or break the braces, and following all other instructions such as wearing rubber bands, bite plates, and other appliances.

In recognition of our very best patients, we have developed the STAR PATIENT OF THE MONTH PROGRAM. The rules are simple; each month we keep track of all patients who have perfect checkups with us. Excellent oral hygiene, excellent cooperation, and a great attitude towards your orthodontic treatment, your orthodontist and his staff are the main things we’re looking for.

Needless to say, many of our patients have perfect checkups. So, at the end of each month, we randomly select one patient from the list of perfect checkups to be PATIENT OF THE MONTH.

As a token of our appreciation, the winner receives a gift certificate to a local movie cinema, and their photograph is prominently displayed in the office and on our website. Also, these patients can rest assured that they will soon be the proud owner of a beautiful smile and healthy bite…the best reward of being a great team player!

Cameron, December 18.

Morgan, October 18.

Christopher, September 18.

Rowan, July 18.

Hayley, May 18.

Buuhac,, April 18.

Ashley,, January 18.

Thomas,, December 17.

Rebekah,, September 17.

Brian,, August 17.

Ashley,, July 17.

Cristina,, June 17.

Nicole,, May 17.

Edwin,, April 17.

Grace,, March 17.

Linda,, February 17.

Juan,, January 17.

Kira,, November 16.

Brian,, October 16.

Jenna,, September 16.

Shannon,, July 16.

Cindy,, May 16.

Anneka,, April 16.

Madison,, March 16.

Paulina,, February 16.

Jason,, January 16.

Jasmine,, November 15.

Tori,, October 15.

David,, September 15.

John,, September 15.

Vincent,, June 15.

Ryan,, May 15.

Charles,, April 15.

Karalyn,, March 15.

JLINE,, February 15.

Tobi,, October 14.