Invisalign For Teens Westchester, NY

It has come to that point where you realize your teenager needs braces in order to straighten their smile. However, in this day and age, no one seems to want the old traditional look of the metal mouth; especially your teenage child. Fortunately, at Glaser Orthodontics in Westchester, NY, your son or daughter can experience braces in comfort with Invisalign teen. Now your child can enjoy not having to worry about the look of metal in their mouth. With Invisalign, you can experience clear braces that offer the same straightening reliability and competence as metal braces. Virtually unnoticeable, these clear braces give off the illusion that you are not even wearing braces at all. Extremely popular for adults, Invisalign has now become much more popular for teens that want a confidence boost as they grow up. Easily removed, clear braces eliminate difficulty and hassle with eating, brushing, etc. In addition, Invisalign is super comfortable and will be customized to fit the exact shape and mold of your mouth. Don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our office in Westchester NY! Dr. Glaser: 914.739.6400.