Braces-Friendly Halloween Candy

In this post, we’ll discuss braces-friendly Halloween candy. Halloween is a fun time for costumes and treats, and hopefully, fewer tricks. For those who are wearing braces, you can avoid a scare by avoiding certain scary treats. 

This year, Halloween is a bit different amid the pandemic. However, following CDC guidelines, you can still have a great time. Now more than ever, we need stress relief and a lighthearted escape. So long as you are safe, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy Halloween 2020 with your loved ones –even if it’s a quiet night watching Halloween movies at home.

Below, we offer some suggestions for treats to enjoy this year if you are wearing braces. By sticking to the soft, safer foods, you can avoid breaking a wire or bracket. Thus, you won’t need an emergency visit and keep treatment comfortable and on schedule.

See more about what foods to eat with braces anytime in our blog.

These Treats Are a Fright!

Halloween candy is tempting, but before you eat, remember to avoid any treats that are:

  • Hard
  • Crunchy
  • Sticky
  • Chewy
  • Or will stain your braces

So, if you receive candy or another item that falls into one of these categories, it’s probably best to avoid it. All year, it’s best to limit sugary sweets and be sure to rinse, brush, and floss after eating snacks or meals.

Soft, Safer Treats to Enjoy

Below are a few treats that are softer and less likely to damage braces. 

  • Kit-Kats
  • Pixie Stix 
  • Malt Balls 
  • Soft cake 
  • Apple cider
  • 3 Muskateers
  • Jell-O and pudding
  • Ice cream and yogurt
  • Doughnuts and soft cookies
  • Peeled thinly-chopped apples
  • Soft cheese puffs (never popcorn)
  • Milkshakes and smoothies, floats
  • Peanut butter cups and Reese’s Pieces
  • Soft cookies and cupcakes without nuts
  • Soft peppermint patties and Junior Mints
  • Smooth pure chocolate that melts in the mouth (Kisses, Hershey bars without nuts)

Many of these candies are our favorites, with or without braces. So, you’re sure to find something to enjoy for Halloween. 


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Treats That Can Be a Nightmare

Many popular Halloween candies are a problem for those with braces. They fall into the categories we looked at before: Hard, Crunchy, Sticky, and Chewy. Thus, they can get stuck to wires and brackets and may result in an unplanned emergency visit to your orthodontist.

  • Candy corns
  • Tootsie Rolls
  • Chewing gum
  • Caramel and taffy
  • Skittles and Starbursts
  • Lollipops and hard candies
  • Popcorn, chips, hard pretzels
  • Licorice, gummies, and jelly beans
  • Jawbreakers (always a bad idea)
  • Nuts (except soft peanut butter)
  • Apples and carrots (unless finely chopped and peeled)

If any of these treats are a favorite, don’t worry. By avoiding them for now, your braces will come off faster and more comfortably. Then, you’ll be able to enjoy them again. Even better, you’ll have a perfect smile!

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We hope you have a wonderful and safe Halloween!

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