Yorktown Heights Orthodontist explains Stress and Your Teeth

Did you know that stress can affect your teeth? Dr. Glaser from Glaser Orthodontics in Yorktown Heights says unfortunately, there are many triggers that can give children and teens stress. Tests at school, troubles with friends or family, a job, or even just making time for everything can create stress in teens and kids. Of course, we know that stress is draining emotionally, but what you likely did not know is that this stress can lead to oral health problems! We at Glaser Orthodontics want you to be aware of the risks stress poses to your oral health in Yorktown Heights, and how to make sure your mouth does not fall victim as you cope with stresses.

So, how does stress relate to oral health anyway? Well, the first reason is simply the physical strain stress puts on the mind and body. When a person is stressed, they can become tired and slightly scatterbrained and can fall out of their usual routines. Glaser Orthodontics reminds you not to forget to care for your braces properly! If you are tired, just take care of the brushing a bit earlier in the night so there is more time to relax. If you are running out of time to complete an assignment, multitask! Try studying while brushing and flossing. Making sure to continue to care for your mouth in Yorktown Heights is crucial. The next link is the comfort food reaction. Often when people are stressed, they look to sweet, sugary junk foods to comfort them. Dr. Glaser reminds you not to go too crazy. Look for substitutes such as sweet fruits to replace the cookies. If not, enjoy your junk foods but in small portions, remembering to brush and floss thoroughly after. Finally, studies have been conducted that show a direct correlation within the body between stress and increased amount of salivary cortisols and cavity-forming bacteria in the mouth. This means that you must be extra conscious of your oral care routines during times of stress in Yorktown Heights.

            Now that you are aware of the potential risks stress poses to oral heath, the team at Glaser Orthodontics hopes you will follow those simple tips to better cope with your worries, while maintaining the care of your mouth as well. Keep in mind, everyone is different, so if you have any questions or concerns about your mouth, do not hesitate to Contact us! Dr. Glaser and the team at Glaser Orthodontics is always here to talk with you and give more tips on how to fit caring for your teeth into your routine in Yorktown Heights. Visit us online or at our Yorktown Heights office to learn more.