Braces for Adolescents in Yorktown Heights, NY


At Glaser Orthodontics in Yorktown Heights, NY, we often get asked the question, “When is the best time for my child to get braces?” Well, depending on each child’s needs, othodontic treatment starts at different ages. No two sets of teeth are ever the same, so never consider a specific age the time for kids to get braces. Although treatment can start at different ages, you should consider bringing your child in to make sure they are on the path to a healty smile.

Dr. Glaser has seen adolescent braces do a great job in reducing the risk of orthodontic problems later in life. When kids and teens get braces, they have less of a chance of needing tooth removal in the future and early treatment can also create facial symmetry and room for crowded, erupting teeth. According to the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO), kids should be evaluated at around the age of seven to see if orthodontic treatment is needed, but the age of seven is not necessarily the age for every child. If you have a child or teen around the Yorktown Heights or Cortlandt Manor area that you think would benefit from adolescent braces, please contact Glaser Orthodontics at (914) 739-6400.