Living in Westchester With a Healthy Smile

Here at Glaser Orthodontics in Courtlandt Manor, we encourage what people have been taught from a young age — that it is a daily ritual to brush your teeth twice a day, after waking up and before going to sleep. This year, make your smile even brighter by learning why it is so important to keep your teeth healthy and by acting on these ideas at home and with the help of Dr. Glaser.

            Your teeth are the focus of your smile — kind of hard to miss when posing for a picture or just laughing with a friend. But that’s not all they do. Healthy teeth are essential to overall health as well. Hundreds of Westchester residents are using Dr. Glaser and his staff to make way for a healthier, more confident smile. Research has shown that healthy, or rather unhealthy, teeth are linked to many other, seemingly unrelated, health problems or benefits. For example, brushing and cleaning teeth can prevent heart disease! It has also been found that brushing your teeth can aid weight loss. The mental signal to the brain that eating is finished occurs when you brush your teeth after dinner. So after your next meal, brush your teeth to signal to yourself that eating time is over. Plus, even if you do eat again, the minty fresh feeling in your mouth may make the food less appetizing and cause you to eat less of, or even skip, the meal! Studies have even found that brushing your teeth can improve cognitive function by preventing gum disease, which often has a multitude of negative effects. Tons of people living in the Hudson Valley suffer with gum disease every year, but can recover if the right steps are taken to proper oral hygiene. According to Dr. Glaser, “people with periodontal inflammation are at an increased risk of lower cognitive function compared to cognitively normal subjects.”

With the Invisalign treatment provided at Glaser Orthodontics, you won’t have to worry about the hassle that wires bring with braces. This means, you’ll be able to brush your teeth like normal and be on the road to a straight, healthy smile.

            So, not only is a sparkling smile essential to self esteem and taking a good photo for picture day, but it is also great for your bodily health! Be sure to continue brushing twice a day and flossing consistently. Stop by or contact Dr. Glaser with any questions or concerts and let us help you attain your best possible dental health!