New Year’s Resolutions For Westchester Patients

While you’re busy making your list of New Year’s resolutions about saving more money and going to the gym, Dr. Glaser in Westchester suggests that you make a few for your teeth, too! Here are six resolutions that will help keep your smile healthy and bright for 2014.


1) Floss every day – As the saying goes, “You don’t have to floss all your teeth, only the ones you want to keep.” Floss removes plaque that can’t be removed by brushingAs we age, the leading cause of tooth loss is not cavities or trauma but gum (periodontal) disease. Flossing is the best prevention of periodontal disease.


2) Brush two times a day – Two is the magic number. Be sure to brush your teeth morning and night, for 2 minutes each time


3) See your dentist every 6 months — Regular check-ups are the key to prevention. A visit to your dentist on a regular basis allows for potential problems to be prevented and new problems to be caught early.


4) Quit smoking — Smoking causes discoloration to teeth, bad breath and, of course, cancers of the mouth and other parts of the body.


5) Cut down on sugary drinks, like soda and sports drinks — Carbonated soft drinks have a lot of sugar and acids that can cause tooth decay. Juices and sports drinks also contain too much sugar. And diet sodas still have the acids that can erode your teeth. Best bet? Drink water! And at least rinse your mouth with water after having one of the other drinks.


6) Change your toothbrush every 3 months – Over time, the bristles on toothbrushes become frayed and worn with use, decreasing the effectiveness of removing plaque. If you wear braces, you may have to replace your toothbrush more often, as the brackets create additional wear and tear on the bristles.


Healthier teeth can lead to a brighter smile and more smiling puts you and the people around you in a happier mood. Smiles are very important to us, so we want to see you make sure you attain your very best smile! Glaser Orthodontics wishes all of our patients in the Westchester area a very happy and successful New Year!