Keep Teeth Healthy and Have a Great Smile in Cortlandt Manor, NY

Dr. Glaser of Glaser Orthodontics of Westchester County cares about the health of your teeth. Creating a great looking smile should go hand in hand with having healthy and strong teeth! Dr. Glaser of Cortlandt Manor knows how much you want to protect your teeth and keep them strong.
It’s true that dairy products are full of calcium, and often supplemented with vitamin D (which helps your body absorb calcium and other bone-building minerals). Many people in Cortlandt Manor and the surrounding areas that are on specialized diets (including vegans and vegetarians) that try to eat healthy, are still at risk of calcium and vitamin D deficiency.
One of the dangers in calcium and vitamin D deficiency is the increased risk of periodontal (gum) disease. In addition, these deficiencies can weaken your teeth and lead to tooth decay. Without the right vitamins and minerals, your mouth’s defenses may be down.
Glaser Orthodontics wants you to know the good news  in Cortlandt Manor is that, if you choose, you can get these nutrients from alternative sources, and keep your smile healthy. For example, just one ounce of sesame seeds contains almost as much calcium as an entire glass of milk. Other major sources of calcium are dark leafy greens like spinach, kale, and collard greens. There are also a number of things we can eat and drink that are “fortified” with calcium and vitamin D including soy milk, orange juice and some breakfast cereals. You can also consider taking supplements.
When it comes to vitamin D, surprisingly, your best source is the sun! When exposed to the sun’s radiation, your body naturally produces vitamin D. But of course, be careful and use common sense and avoid prolonged/unprotected sun exposure.
If you need help with good dental care, braces, or keeping your teeth healthy contact us Glaser Orthodontics .