Affording Your Orthodontic Care at Glaser Orthodontics 

Have you always dreamed of a beautiful straight smile but have given your dream a backseat because of the high adult braces cost?

Don’t think you will be able to afford it ever?

Do you think that this expense will put a big dent on your pocket and make it difficult for you to meet other day to day expenses?

What if we told you that you can live your dream of having the perfect smile without breaking your bank? Sounds exciting but hard to believe? Well, then schedule your appointment with Glaser Orthodontics because we make orthodontic care affordable and accessible for all.


Glaser Orthodontics Gives You Several Reasons to Smile

Many adults in Westchester County are willing to compromise on their smile because of the pricey treatments. Glaser Orthodontics understands that cost plays a major role in orthodontic care which is why we give you many reasons to smile.

We provide you with a plethora of flexible payment options, making it extremely affordable for you to get braces of your choice — conventional or Invisalign, which ever you want. And not only that, all treatments are offered by our experienced and courteous staff. Rest assured that you will get quality treatment at a low cost.

Wait, there’s more! At Glaser Orthodontics, we make patients look at orthodontic care as an investment not expenditure. After all, a beautiful smile can boost your self-confidence, make you look more desirable and help you with chewing and biting food.

Adult Braces Cost as low as Your Monthly Phone Bill

The average cost of braces varies depending on the oral condition and the type of braces you choose to wear. In general, conventional braces may cost you around $3000 to $7000 while the average cost of Invisalign is $4000 to $8000. But with Glaser Orthodontics, you can get adult braces at a cost that is as low as your monthly cell phone bill. And that is not an exaggerated statement. Take a look at how Glaser Orthodontics makes it possible.

With Glaser Orthodontics:

  • You get 7 percent discount for payment in full. This means savings on dental treatments which you once thought was never possible.
  • You can make extended monthly payments. This means that you can pay for your treatment in installments to fit your budget. Small amount of monthly installments makes it relatively easier to pay off for orthodontic care and get a perfect smile that you have been longing for.
  • You can choose from various types of payment arrangements that coincide with Flex plans to pay for dental expense.
  • You get to pay for the treatment using your credit card. Glaser Orthodontics accepts all major credit cards. So, if you don’t have a Flex plan, then consider swiping your credit card to make your dental payment.
  • You can use your insurance plan if it covers orthodontic treatments. If your insurance plan covers orthodontic care, you can receive the benefit of lowered personal cost. Also, many insurers have a lifetime orthodontic benefit in their policy which is separate from regular dental insurance. This can help you pay for your treatment smoothly. At Glaser Orthodontics, we’ll review your insurance policy and can also help you file for your insurance claim.

Call us at 914.739.6400 to discuss your orthodontic treatment and payment plan options.

Remember that you’re only a call away from getting a beautiful smile!