Affordable Orthodontic Treatment At Glaser Orthodontics

Orthodontic Deformities are common and not getting a proper orthodontic treatment in time can cause it to get worse over time. Many people avoid going to the orthodontist because they think it’ll be way out their budget, there is also a common misconception that orthodontic treatment needs to be paid, all at once.

You need a beautiful smile, and Dr. Glaser completely understands that, because wherever we go our smile is a big part of our first and lasting impressions on any person, in any business or personal life.

Treatment Financing

Glaser Orthodontics offers you the ability to have a flexible payment plan that stretches over the entire period of treatment. You can outline your needs to the staff or Dr. Glaser, and we’ll advise you on the best and most economical choices for your orthodontic treatment. There are many options to choose from such as lingual, metal or ceramic braces and we also offer the services of Invisalign.

Types and Average Cost of Braces

  • Metal this is the cheapest type, even though they are very visible, they are fit for people on a budget. They are also pretty durable. You can get these for around $4500
  • Ceramic slightly less visible than their metal counterpart, you can get these in multiple colors. You’ll need to take extra care of them (especially while eating) because ceramic braces are pretty brittle and can get stained if you don’t clean them regularly. The prices vary, but the average cost for them is $6000.
  • Lingual if you don’t want your braces to show then these braces are for you, they can get very expensive. However, the braces need to be specifically prepared for your teeth and are difficult to fit and take off. You can expect to pay around 9000 dollars for these.
  • Invisalign are not technically braces; they are pieces of clear invisible plastic that are used over a long period of time, one after the other. However, they can’t be used to treat some orthodontic conditions and require regular visits (every two weeks or so) to the orthodontist. They can cost you around $5500.

HSA account and Insurance

The IRS and some insurance companies consider orthodontic procedures as a cosmetic treatment, until and unless the orthodontic treatment is required to prevent any kind of medical complication such as gum disease. You would need to check with your Insurance provider in order to know better. Our staff at Glaser Orthodontics will also check your insurance information to know whether you’ll be covered and then how much you’ll be covered so that we can propose a course of action for you. Once your treatment has begun, we’ll assist you with the claim filing procedures.

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