The Different Types of Braces Available and Which One to Choose

Getting braces is a pivotal moment in one’s life. This is because you’ll have to dedicate months of your life to wearing it in order to achieve the best results possible. Back then, there weren’t that many braces options that patients could choose from. Thanks to innovation and technology, patients are now spoiled with different types of braces that are available in the market today.

Keep reading ahead to learn more about the different types of braces in Cortlandt Manor that are available and which one would be the most suitable for you.

Why Get Braces in the First Place?

How can you tell if you’re a suitable candidate for braces anyways? Here are the most common reasons why an orthodontist will recommend you to get braces.

Overbite issues.

You have overbite issues if your upper set of teeth sticks more forward, unlike your bottom half. The protrusion can vary from person to person. The further the upper teeth are the higher probability that you will have dental concerns.

Underbite concerns.

An underbite is the exact opposite of an overbite. You may observe that your lower teeth overlap your upper teeth when your jaw is still. It’s also noticeable whenever you smile. If the severity is mild, then it’s not that obvious. However, it can give a person a bulldog-like appearance if the overbite is severe.

A person with an underbite can experience difficulty in eating and chewing food, as well as talking. The underbite also presents an increased risk of dental injury. Many people experience face pain because of this.

You have an open bite.

A person with an open bite has a visible gap whenever they smile. It also makes it difficult for the person to eat and speak properly. If the open bite is neglected, people can develop the temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) later in time, causing chronic jaw pain.

You have a speech impediment.

A lot of dental abnormalities that disturb the teeth’s normal order can result in speech difficulties. Our teeth are important for us to be able to speak and pronounce words correctly. People with speech impediments can have problems with talking clearly–they may stutter, lisp, or slur whenever they speak because of the teeth not having the correct alignment.

You want straight teeth.

Simply wanting straight teeth is valid enough of a reason to undergo braces treatment! We’ve all experienced seeing someone else with close-to-perfect, straight teeth and admiring it. Not only that but people are also attracted to others because of their smiles.

You don’t necessarily have a severe dental concern but just want to slightly correct your teeth to achieve your ideal smile. Even if the situation seems minor, straightening your teeth can aid in enhancing your dental health. You’re able to prevent specific oral problems from developing in the future.

Types of Braces

Traditional Metal Braces

While there are a lot of braces options nowadays, traditional metal braces are still very common. And this is because this treatment option works effectively in fixing a plethora of orthodontic concerns for people of different ages. All braces come with a set of brackets and wires. The brackets are pieces that are specially shaped to adhere to one’s teeth. They remain in place throughout the entire process. 

An archwire is molded into the shape of how the bite should appear, threading it through the brackets. And as it returns to its initial shape, it applies gentle pressure on the teeth, allowing them to travel into their ideal positions.

Ceramic Braces

Often referred to as clear braces, ceramic braces work similarly to metal braces and utilize the same system of wires and brackets to apply pressure in order to fix the bite alignment issue. Having said that, compared to the other kinds of braces brackets, ceramic braces are made of a composite material that meshes in with the teeth, making it more discreet.

Before, ceramic braces were not as sturdy and durable as metal ones, making them more prone to break easily. Thanks to innovation and technology, this isn’t a cause for concern anymore with ceramic braces.

Additionally, the brackets also reduce staining and are hard to notice. Other people won’t be able to tell that you’re wearing ceramic braces, making this treatment option an excellent choice for teens and adults who want to undergo braces treatment without being obvious.

In-Ovation R

In-Ovation R is a new system of braces that’s quite revolutionary. Not only is it faster for your orthodontist to utilize it, but this treatment option can shorten the overall process duration in a significant manner. It provides more comfort with how much better looking and smaller it is. Additionally, it provides better hygiene compared to traditional braces options.

In-Ovation C

GAC In-Ovation-C uses a self-ligating bracket system that’s interactive to increase comfort to the patient. It also shortens the overall treatment time without sacrificing aesthetics. In-Ovation-C uses special clips that are translucent and Rhodium-covered for a more cosmetic appeal. Thanks to this treatment option, patients can acquire the visuals of ceramic braces with the benefits of an SL bracket system!


Patients who undergo Invisalign treatment use a series of clear aligners that have been customized to fit the shape of their teeth. The aligners exert gentle pressure to move the teeth gradually. Many people prefer this treatment because of how undetectable and comfortable the plastic aligners are. Not just that, the patient doesn’t have any food restrictions and can clean their teeth as they normally would, which is something that braces wearers don’t experience.

Types of Braces

Which Braces Treatment is Best For You?

Now that you know the different types of braces you can choose from, how can you know exactly which one to pick? There are several factors that come into play when it comes to making this assessment. 

Firstly, your orthodontist in Cortlandt Manor will consider the severity of your misalignment. Not all braces are made equally. There are some that can only treat a few dental issues, which may not be suitable for your case. Another factor is the cost, there are treatment options that are more expensive than others, so it will depend on how much you’re willing to shell out for the treatment. Lastly would be aesthetic considerations, will it bother you if people can tell you’re wearing braces, or do you not mind at all?

You’re in good hands with Glaser Orthodontics, as we’ll enhance your smile by utilizing the best treatment options that cater to your lifestyle and budget! Schedule your free consultation today!