Tooth Fairies Around the World

Everyone will lose baby teeth as children… and then the tooth fairy comes into the picture! As it turns out the US is not the only country that tell tales of the tooth fairy:

-The custom is that the child puts the baby tooth
under his/her pillow before going to bed. The tooth fairy
comes during the night and takes the tooth with her and
leaves money underneath the pillow.

-The child puts the baby tooth under their pillow
but a mouse takes it during the night and leaves money.

-Again the tooth is put under the pillow and
magically turns to a coin by morning.

-The tooth is kept as a keepsake.

-The tooth is left under the pillow and is
replaced by a small gift such as a toy car.

-If it is a lower baby tooth, throw it up onto the
roof and if it is an upper tooth throw it underneath the
en-no-shita, the lower portion below the floor of a
Japanese house. This is done so that the upper tooth
grows healthy downward, while the lower tooth grows


So REMEMBER…No matter where you are in the world, the tooth fairy will find you!