Tips to Help Present a Kissable Smile on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day: a day of romance for couples, another lonely holiday for others, and the greatest profits for chocolate producers. Regardless of which category you fit into, dental hygiene is even more important than any number of kisses. How would you even kiss with bad breath? What about the loners with comfort food? Read ahead, dear readers, and get a free pass to smile right!

Let’s start with the lips and gums. Both of these organs fulfill similar purposes. Gums hold our teeth together and lips keep teeth and gums protected from the weather. On Valentine’s Day, these two organs are not only visible, but on display. Chapped lips and receding gums are no way to present yourself nicely, nor does it encourage healthy habits. For lips, make sure to use lip balm, preferably containing sunscreen. When brushing your teeth, be careful not to excessively put tension on the corners of the mouth and cause them to crack. Gums require an even simpler regimen. Make sure to brush and floss both your teeth and gums twice daily. For more in-depth cleaning, you should go to a dentist at least two times per year.

Don’t get ahead of yourself just yet, Romeo or Juliet. Bad breath and missing teeth are strongly linked to heart disease and other health problems. Generally good dental cleaning daily and regular visits to a dentist will not only help your teeth but the rest of your bodily health. Bad breath often begins on the gums, travels up to your teeth, and ends up on your tongue. Buy a tongue scraper to safely remove odorous bacteria. It may take a week or so, but you will find that the results are well worth it. A caution, however: using mouth sprays for better breath can contain sugars, making your bad breath even worse.

Ready to kiss after all that dental advice? Yes! Almost. Your mouth isn’t the only one which needs to be clean. It may be awkward, but there isn’t too much harm in making sure your significant other has a healthy mouth. Asking directly can feel like a huge risk, but it doesn’t have to be hostile or demanding. If you’re both already kissing, you can assess their dental health well before it becomes an issue on Valentine’s Day.

Dental health is an important issue and the best way to spread the message is through word of mouth (pun intended) and linking to this article through social media. Couples will thank you, loners will be reminded they have a better chance with these tips, and chocolatiers can improve sales that won’t drive health wary customers away. Once you’ve followed these tips, you’ll be able to confidently and truthfully smile right.