The Cost of Invisalign in Northern Westchester NY


As with any purchase, the cost of orthodontic appliances must be taken in to consideration when searching for the right treatment for you. As you search for the best treatment plan, make sure to look in to the costs of each type of braces, most importantly Invisalign. Invisalign’s rising popularity may have you thinking about using it as a potential alternative. However, many are unaware of how its price compares to traditional braces. Dr. Glaser, the premier orthodontist in Westchester NY, is a specialist in providing Invisalign treatments to patients in the Ossining NY area. He has been providing this product to patients for many years, and is considered one of the best and most reliable doctors in Peekskill NY. According to Dr.Glaser and his team, braces and Invisalign can be very similar in cost. While the actual price varies in every case, generally speaking Invisalign costs around $5,000 with options from $3,500 to $8,000. Traditional braces can cost anywhere from $4,000 to $10,000, meaning that often times, Invisalign can be the better economic alternative. In addition, your dental or health insurance may cover part of the cost. According to the cost calculator, insurance can cover about a $1,000 portion of the total cost. Truthfully, the only comprehensive and accurate cost quote you can get would come from Dr.Glaser according to your specific needs. Each case treated by Dr. Glaser in the Croton NY area is specialized and unique, making the costs flexible. For more information, a consultation, or quote, contact Dr. Glaser and his team.