Dental Floss vs Water Pick Debate in Shrub Oak NY

Patients in Shrub Oak ask Dr. Barry Glaser Orthodontics if it is more effective to floss teeth with a water pick or standard dental floss. Dr. Barry Glaser of Glaser Orthodontics tells his patients from Shrub Oak that standard dental floss is generally considered the most effective tool for cleaning the tight spaces between the teeth. Dr. Glaser recommends that using the dental floss to scrape up and down the sides of each tooth to remove any unwanted plaque.

A water pick or an oral irrigator is a device that aims a stream of water at your teeth. The team at Glaser Orthodontics says a water pick can help remove food particles from your teeth and might help reduce bleeding and gum disease.  Although a water pick is helpful to remove particles, it is not a substitute for brushing and flossing says Dr. Glaser.

Some patients at Glaser Orthodontics complain that plain dental floss gets stuck in their teeth.  Dr. Glaser recommends trying the waxed variety. If you have a hard time manipulating dental floss, there are many varieties of dental floss holders available in local stores in Shrub Oak and Westchester, NY. Glaser Orthodontics says you can try other products like special brushes, picks or sticks designed to clean between the teeth.  If our patients at Glaser Orthodontics have any questions regarding their oral health, contact Dr. Glaser office in Cortlandt Manor for assistance.