Keeping Your Smile Glowing in Peekskill, NY

A smile that is stained, yellow, or dingy-looking can make a person look much older than they are and can negatively affect his or her self-esteem.  What many people in Peekskill, NY aren’t aware of is that some of the foods or beverages they regularly consume may be leading to a less-than-brilliant smile.  While a tooth whitening treatment is a great way to brighten your grin, Glaser Orthodontics also warns that it’s a good idea to avoid these smile-staining foods in the first place.

1. Coffee –a well-known offender, coffee can sink into the teeth. Its dark color quality can make it a tough opponent for white teeth. But fear not, says Dr. Glaser, a little bit of milk or something to lighten the color can minimize the chance of staining.

2. Beets -Beet juice, which is concentrated, is especially dangerous for light fabric, which of course means the same for teeth.  If you eat beets, Glaser Orthodontics says to try to brush your teeth within an hour to reduce their potential to stain your teeth.

3. Soy Sauce-
Just like dark beverages, dark sauces can also stain your teeth.  In fact, a good rule of thumb from Glaser Orthodontics is that patients remember that a food that can stain their clothes can also stain their teeth.  Other sauces to watch out for include tomato sauce and balsamic vinegar.

4. Red Wine- another obvious danger, red wine can stain teeth due to its color. While it may reduce gum inflammation and thus diminish the potential for gum disease, it can also stain the teeth.  Try opting for white wine instead, or swishing some water in your mouth after drinking red.

5. Fruit juices- Yellowed teeth can be caused by drinking juices that contain a lot of acid. Of course, fruit juices will fall under this category, so try to minimize the acid consumption.

Getting your smile straight with braces or treatments from Glaser Orthodontics is just one aspect of a beautiful smile in Peekskill, NY. Another thing to focus on is a bright white grin. Now that you know more about which staining foods to avoid in Peekskill NY, your perfect smile is better than ever. For more information on how the team at Glaser Orthodontics can help you achieve a glowing smile, Contact us!