iTero is Available near Mohegan Lake

Get fitted for Invisalign aligner using the iTero scanner. Remember when you would visit the orthodontist and you had to undergo those messy, uncomfortable and gag worthy impressions? Well those days are over! Glaser Orthodontics near Mohegan Lake has the iTero scanner! Align Technology, Inc. introduced iTero, the Intra Oral Digital Scanner. iTero enables the doctor to take a 3D digital scan of the patient’s teeth and bite, make adjustments in real time and transmit the file wirelessly for processing to Invisalign, which makes for a better and more comfortable experience for the patient.

Glaser Orthodontics near Mohegan Lake uses the iTero digital impression system and says that iTero makes his practice more efficient. With iTero patients have fewer and shorter appointments that are safer (iTero does not expose you to radiation), and everyone likes the sound of that! Also, Invisalign® impressions go digital with iTero technology. That means greater accuracy, no redo appointments and no more annoying chairside adjustments. Glaser Orthodontics is committed to excellence, and wants each of his patients to have the most positive and effective treatment as possible. By utilizing digital orthodontic X-ray technology and iTero impressions, Glaser Orthodontics ensures that the treatment will be the perfect fit for each patient’s needs.

If you are near Mohegan Lake don’t hesitate to make an appointment with Glaser Orthodontics to discuss Invisalign using the iTero scanner for the new and approved orthodontic experience!