Invisalign Dentist in Cortlandt Manor


Glaser Orthodontics is a fantastic orthodontic office located in Cortlandt Manor New York. Dr. Barry Glaser is dedicated to providing extraordinary personal service with compassion and consideration of his patient’s individual needs.

Both dentists and orthodontists have the ability to provide solutions to crooked teeth. But, in general if you want your teeth straightened properly, an orthodontist has the proper training and experience to evaluate and treat the entire problem. That is why they are orthodontic specialists. They have a higher level of training and experience in straightening teeth. In addition to receiving the same training as general dentists, orthodontists have taken an additional two or three solid years of formal education. Orthodontists do these procedures everyday with great skill and care. An Orthodontist with experience in using not only Invisalign but other treatment systems may have a broader approach that would serve you well -particularly if your treament needs are complex.

The most important aspect of success in orthodontic treatment is diagnosis. If the diagnosis is correct, the case and teeth will come together predictably. The ability to make a sound orthodontic diagnosis take years of education, and the education never ends. A qualified orthodontic specialist must first receive his/her doctorate in general dentistry – the same as your family dentist. Then, they must complete an additional two to three years of graduate training in orthodontics at an American Dental Association approved, university affiliated program. As a specialist, the orthodontist limits his/her practice exclusively to orthodontic treatments. If a dental practitioner is practicing general dentistry and providing orthodontic services, he/she is not an approved specialist in orthodontics.

If you are located in the Cortlandt Manor area and are experiencing problems with crooked teeth, or if you think you may want to try invisalign or braces, make your appointment with Glaser Orthodontics today! You won’t regret it!