Important Signs to Look For When Preparing For Treatment

Deciding to seek orthodontic treatment can be a big decision. Many children, as well as adults, often unknowingly begin to see many oral issues that may be associated with an orthodontic treatment. These problems are less obvious than just simply crooked teeth, and they do need attention. Dr. Glaser recommends to look for the following signs when assessing if and when you will need treatment.

– Difficulty chewing or biting

– Misaligned top and bottom rows of teeth

– Under- or overbite

– Uneven wearing on the teeth

– Difficulty speaking

– Thumb sucking

– Grinding or tooth clenching

– Jaw pain

– Tooth crowding

– Jaw shifts when biting

– Excessive spacing between teeth

Each of these problems can be a signal of the necessity of braces. When looking for treatment options, Dr. Glaser offers many different options that can solve any and all of the issues. Invisalign is a clear alternative to braces that can solve many of these cases. Clear braces, as well as traditional braces, can also be a solution. There are also many orthodontic appliances such as permanent retainers and palate expanders that can play a role in solving oral difficulties. For more information, contact the Cortlandt Manor offices of Glaser Orthodontics at (914) 739-6400 or email us at