How to Make Wearing Braces More Fun

As a parent, getting your child to do anything they don’t want to do can be a daunting task. And let’s face it, properly caring for their braces is probably not something your child wants to do. However, it is extremely important that braces are properly cared for, or treatment will not go as planned. The trick to getting them to want to take proper care of their orthodontic systems is to make it fun! So, Glaser Orthodontics  has come up with a list of fun ways to get your child to take care of his or her braces in Putnam Valley, NY.

  1. Brushing dance party- Glaser Orthodontics  recommends brushing at least twice a day all the time, but especially when children are undergoing treatment with braces in Putnam Valley, NY. Proper brushing entails a full two minutes of thorough cleaning, something that many children fail to do. To get your child excited about brushing, make a playlist or CD with their favorite songs and set up a speaker by the sink. Play this song when they start brushing and dance around with them as they clean for the full two minutes. This will make brushing fun, and will help them keep their teeth spotless!

  1. Braces-friendly baking-  Dr. Barry Glaser says that unfortunately, braces can restrict kids from eating certain foods. Taking hard candies away from kids can cause quite a fight, but these foods can be extremely dangerous to braces, and it is very important to follow the rules. So, Glaser Orthodontics  suggests having a braces friendly recipe bake-a-thon. Go online and find sweets that won’t damage braces, such as gooey brownies, fruity cupcakes, or creamy ice cream sundaes, and set aside time to make these sweets with your child. Then, let him or her eat them as a reward for flossing well, for example. This is a great way to help your child stay optimistic about braces in Putnam Valley, NY, and make sure they are caring for their appliances properly.

  1. Colored bands- Glaser Orthodontics  offers the option of adding colored bands to traditional metal braces. These have been a huge hit among kids, as they allow them to customize their experience in a fun way! To make colored bands even more effective for kids, use them to incentivize your child. For example, for every 2 months they go without a break in their wires or brackets, or for every 25 times they properly brush or floss, promise them that you will set up an appointment with Dr. Barry Glaser to have their colors changed. Then, when they have switched to new colors, have a photo shoot of their new, beautiful braces. At the end of orthodontic treatment, use these pictures to make a fun “Before, During, and After” scrapbook!

Starting treatment early is a great way to ensure a lifetime of beautiful smiles. But getting your child to properly care for his or her braces can be tough. By using some of these tips, you can get your child excited about caring for their orthodontic treatment near Putnam Valley, NY. And, make sure to continue to schedule them for regular appointments at Glaser Orthodontics. Call us at 914.739.6400 to set up your child’s next appointment with Dr. Barry Glaser, or for some more fun ideas!