How Passion Influences Orthodontics at Glaser Orthodontics in Westchester County, New York


As is true with any career, passion plays a key role in the final outcomes of any task. At Glaser Orthodontics, passion is a part of each and every Cortlandt Manor patient’s care. It is important to consider the passion of the doctor you are visiting, and of all the office staff, when choosing where to treat your child’s case.

The first point to consider is how passionate the doctor is about his or her job. You want them to feel invested and dedicated to producing a good outcome in you or your child’s case. Do they seem to be focused on your individualized case? Have they spent the time to understand your goals and made a specific plan in how to proceed? Make sure that these questions are answer with a yes before proceeding without a second opinion. Also ensure that the orthodontist is able to communicate an effective plan to you and your child, and that you feel you are in capable hands. Dr. Glaser is a reliable and passionate doctor, dedicated to each and every Cortlandt Manor NY case. He is personally involved with every child and adult he treats, providing quality care to all Westchester County patients.


If your orthodontist is passionate, he or she will be able to communicate a specific treatment plan with ease and confidence. He or she will bring you this plan within a designated time period and price, and help you to feel confident in his or her desire to deliver results that are above and beyond expectation. Look no further than Cortlandt Manor NY orthodontist Dr. Glaser and his team for the right, quality treatment. Finding a good doctor will leave you and your smile glowing, making it impossible to hide your new radiant smile!