Easter Trivia!

Do you think you know Glaser Orthodontics? Enter to win one of two Easter baskets* on display in our office! Find the answers to the questions in our office, ask staff, and go to our website. Submit to front desk or email: nancy@glaserortho.com

1. Name two universities Dr. Glaser graduated from

2. What year did Dr. Glaser start his practice in Cortlandt Manor, NY?

3. Name one recipient of the 2016 Glaser Orthodontic scholarship

4. Name the three assistants in the office

5. What is the phone number for Glaser Orthodontics?

6. Glaser Orthodontics has a social media presence. Name three sites where you can find us

7. What is an orthodontic ‘donut’?

8. What is the name of the award Dr. Glaser received from the Rotary Club of Cortlandt in 2012?

9. What are the names of Dr. Glaser’s two dogs?

10. Which employee has been working in the office the longest?

11. Each time you brush your teeth, how long should it take you to brush?

12. Where was Dr. Glaser an Associate Director of Orthodontics from 1992 to 1995?

13. True or False: After you finish Invisalign or Braces, you must wear a retainer for life

14. Who is the newest member of our staff?

15. What are the names of Dr. Glaser’s children?

16. How often do you change Invisalign aligners?

17. What is the minimum requirement you must wear Invisalign aligners each day?

18. True or False: Can you eat food while wearing aligners?

19. Are you allowed to chew gum with braces?

20. What kind of car does Dr. Glaser drive?

Responses due between April 1st – April 27th

* A picture of winners will be used on social media outlets and www.glaserortho.com