Does Late Blooming Apply to Tooth Loss on Patients in Westchester County NY?

Just as a parent is concerned for the development of children during their youth, and especially adolescence, often times parents can wonder why tooth loss is not occurring at a rapid pace, or at the age predicted. There is a general pattern that tooth loss can follow, however it is not always exact. The order of teeth lost is much more important than the age at which these are lost. Dr. Glaser of Glaser Orthodontics is here to help you analyze your child’s case. The basic pattern is as follows.


Not much happens to the baby teeth between 3 and 6 years of age. Between 6 and 8 years, however, there is a flurry of activity as kids normally lose eight primary teeth in rapid succession. Between ages 8 and 10, there is another two-year pause that catches many parents by surprise since they have become accustomed to teeth being lost left and right. The last twelve primary teeth are then lost between ages 10 and 13.


These are the expected patterns for tooth loss. These are merely averages however. Some kids lose teeth faster than this. Others lose them slower. It is not unusual to see a 10-year-old with no baby teeth remaining, nor is it surprising to see a 14-year-old still hanging on to a few. The best way to diagnose irregular activity is to visit the Glaser Orthodontics offices or call Dr. Glaser. The Glaser team can provide insights into your child’s progress better than anyone else. Remember, the actual ages are not as important as the pattern of which kind of tooth comes when. It is hoped and expected that the teeth will fall out in this order:


  • Age 6: Lower and upper central incisors
  • Age 7: Lower and upper lateral incisors
  • Age 10: Lower canines and upper first molars
  • Age 11: Lower first molars
  • Age 12: Upper and lower second molars and upper canines


If baby teeth are not lost in the right order, or if a tooth is lost and more than three months go by without a permanent replacement coming in, there may a problem. Some possibilities include missing teeth, crowding, problems with the tooth loss mechanism, or the underlying tooth is just crooked and it is not pushing out the one above it. These are simple problems that orthodontic treatment in Cortlandt Manor New York can fix. Call the Glaser Orthodontics office if you are experiencing these problems. By contacting us, we can ensure your child’s oral health. Just as other kinds of development fluctuate, tooth loss can fluctuate as well.