Advanced Orthodontics Before and After

best-orthodontist-ossining-ny-before best-orthodontist-ossining-ny-after
 Emma’s orthodontic treatment was complicated by the fact she was born without two of her upper front teeth.  Using advanced orthodontic techniques, we were able to treat her without the need for any fake teeth.
best-orthodontist-millwood-ny-before  best-orthodontist-millwood-ny-after
George was treated with a combination of orthodontictreatmentand corrective jaw surgery.  For George, orthodontic treatment was truly transformational.
best-orthodontist-north-salem-ny-before best-orthodontist-north-salem-ny-after
Erika presented to our office with severely crowded teeth and a very narrow smile. We created a healthy and beautiful smile using palate expansion and braces.
best-orthodontist-briarcliff-ny-before best-orthodontist-briarcliff-ny-after
Thomas had excessive spaces between his teeth. He was first treated with braces to position his teeth ideally. After the braces were removed, cosmetic dentistry was performed to restore his small front teeth.