Traditional Metal Braces

How Orthodontic Treatment Affects Adults Smile

orthodontic treatment adults

Many people have a wrong notion about orthodontics and braces, thinking it’s only for adolescents and teens who want to perfect their smile. Orthodontics in Westchester County is not just for teens, but also for adults who have teeth alignment and

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Invisalign gives you a Perfect Smile


It’s easy to see how having a perfect smile could benefit you in every way. Unfortunately though, most of us weren’t born with that picture perfect smile. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still get it with Invisalign! Dr. Glaser and his team

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Orthodontic Treatments for Adults near Yorktown Heights, NY

Many adults in Northern Westchester walk into Glaser Orthodontics with the mindset that it’s too late for orthodontic treatment until Dr. Barry J. Glaser assures them that it’s never too late! This is why Dr. Glaser offers just as many treatments

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