orthodontic treatment

Questions about Orthodontic Treatment


Are you thinking about orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth or correct jaw alignment? Make your first step be a free consultation with Glaser Orthodontics. During the orthodontic consultation, Dr. Glaser will address your questions, concerns,

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Braces in Cortlandt Manor, NY

While emergencies with braces are rare, minor issues like general soreness, a headgear that does not fit, loose/poking wire(s) and loose/broken bracket(s) are issues that can happen as a result of normal usage, shifting and wear of your braces. Note that

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Invisalign great Alternative to Metal Braces


Invisalign is a great alternative to traditional orthodontic treatment or metal braces. If you’ve been apprehensive about the thought of metal braces then Invisalign is the perfect choice. During your initial visit at our office near Peekskill, the

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Say No to Nail Biting warns Orthodontist


Glaser Orthodontics cautions his patients about the danger of nail biting on your teeth. Nail biting is one of the so-called “nervous habits” that can be triggered by stress, excitement or boredom. Experts say that about thirty percent of children

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Valentine Myth about Braces


Can braces get locked while kissing? Well just in time for Valentine’s Day, Glaser Orthodontics in Cortlandt Manor refers to the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) to answer the myth surrounding locking braces and orthodontic treatment. 

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Got Braces


Dental braces (also known as orthodontic braces, or braces) are devices used by Glaser Orthodontics located near Croton. Braces align and straighten teeth and help to position them with regard to a person’s bite, while also working to improve dental

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Invisalign Teen® in Cortlandt Manor, NY

Is your teen in need of orthodontic treatment, but fears that they won’t look cool with traditional braces? At Glaser Orthodontics in Cortlandt Manor, NY, Dr. Barry J. Glaser offers an alternative; Invisalign Teen®. Invisalign Teen® provides

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Yorktown Heights Orthodontist wishes Happy Holidays


With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season here, Glaser Orthodontics and our entire staff near Yorktown Heights want to stop for a moment and extend our best wishes to you, our patients, and their entire families, this holiday season. Glaser

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Orthodontic Treatment near Croton


If you are looking for excellent orthodontic treatment near Croton, Glaser Orthodontics is here to help. Dr. Glaser explains 5 tooth problems that he can fix with the proper orthodontic treatment plan. Openbites, underbites, overbites and deep overbites

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Orthodontic Treatment in the Westchester County Area

Have you been lacking confidence in your smile and are looking for a change? Then look no further than Glaser Orthodontics in Cortlandt Manor, NY to help you make the necessary changes to straighten your teeth and obtain that winning, radiant smile with

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