Do You Know the Parts of Your Braces?


You can’t be a Heavy Metal musician if you don’t know anything about the electric guitar right? Well the same goes for the cool heavy metal in your mouth. Learn the different parts of braces and how they all come together to give you the perfect

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Braces Care for July 4th


July 4th is fast approaching and you know what that means. Family gatherings and BBQ. Glaser Orthodontics wants to warn his patients who wear braces about what BBQ foods to avoid. Dr. Glaser recommends following these tips to avoid a braces emergency

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Invisalign makes Halloween Candy Easier

Invisalign aligners make braces and Halloween candy easier. If you have Invisalign and plan on Trick or Treating this Halloween, Glaser Orthodontics near Montrose has some helpful hints on candies that are easier on braces. People who wear braces are

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