Braces Near Me In Cortlandt Manor NY

At Glaser Orthodontics, our goal is to offer affordable orthodontic care such as braces and clear braces to all of our patients in Westchester County.

Where Can I Find Affordable Braces Near Me?

braces near me cortlandt manor nyEvery beautiful new smile begins with a complimentary consultation with a leading orthodontist in Cortlandt Manor such as Dr. Glaser. At Glaser Orthodontics, we understand that the cost of braces can vary based on your individual needs and we don’t want any unplanned expenses to affect your budget. As a result, we always work with our patients to make sure treatment costs remain affordable.

How Do Braces Work?

Braces work by applying constant pressure to gradually shift teeth in the desired direction. Traditional braces are composed of stainless steel brackets, archwires, and elastics, which are periodically tightened throughout treatment. If you suffer from common issues such as overbite, crooked teeth, crowding, or spacing, a visit to Glaser Orthodontics can make the smile you desire one step closer. In addition to providing straight teeth, braces can also offer significant benefits such as reducing tooth damage, preventing jaw problems, and improving overall health.

How Much Do Braces Cost?

The cost of braces can vary for each patient and is dependent on specific factors such as the severity of duration of treatment, the severity of issues, and your location. Being that no two patients have the same needs, no two treatment plans are ever identical. In order to find out custom details for your own treatment, you will need to meet with a Cortlandt Manor orthodontist at Glaser Orthodontics.

How Long Will I Have To Wear Braces?

The answer to this question can be different for each patient. At Glaser Orthodontics, we understand that each patient has their own personal needs and goals. Dr. Glaser will be there every step of the way during treatment until you achieve the desired results.

Choosing Braces Near Me In Cortlandt Manor NY

Dr. Glaser and our team of professionals at Glaser Orthodontics are experts in orthodontic treatment. We are happy to answer all of your questions or concerns regarding braces, clear braces, Invisalign, or Invisalign Teen in Cortlandt Manor NY, Croton-On-Hudson NY, Briarcliff Manor NY, Buchanan NY, Montrose NY, Yorktown Heights NY, and surrounding areas of Westchester County NY. Contact Glaser Orthodontics today to schedule a complimentary consultation. Call now (914) 739-6400.

When Will I Get My Braces Off?

braces near jefferson valley ny

Many people are concerned about the length of orthodontic treatment, and want to learn how to quicken their treatment. It is true that orthodontic treatment is often a long, time consuming process. Whether you are a child, teen, or adult, treating a mild or severe case, orthodontic care takes some time to get it just right. Every patient’s treatment length will vary, and most patients are eager to complete their treatment and begin living life with a beautiful smile. Luckily, Dr. Barry Glaser of Glaser Orthodontics says there are some steps you can take to keep your orthodontic treatment running on schedule and get an even faster result. And you’ll be on track to get your braces off near Jefferson Valley NY fast!

  1. Maintain Good Oral Health: First, it is extremely important to maintain good oral health. After all, straightening teeth is only one part of the battle – keeping teeth from decaying or developing plaque is extremely important and key to protecting your oral health. Having braces near Jefferson Valley NY makes brushing and flossing a bit more difficult, but very necessary to keeping your treatment on track. Dr. Barry Glaser recommends brushing your teeth after every meal, before bed, and once you wake up. Additionally, it is important to floss as often as you can, using regular floss or super floss, to make sure that all food remnants are gone from on and around the teeth. The team at Glaser Orthodontics suggests packing a braces-hygiene kit and bringing it with you every time you go out. Your kit should have a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash. This way, you will never have to worry about your oral health slowing down your orthodontic treatment process.

  2. Listen to your Orthodontist: Secondly, be sure to always listen to your orthodontist. There are many adjustments patients must make when they get braces near Jefferson Valley NY, and sometimes many of the new rules may seem hard to follow. However, Dr. Barry Glaser wants to remind you how important it is that you listen to rules. One of the most important rules is avoiding hard and sticky foods, as these can hinder your treatment. If a food is especially hard or sticky, it can possibly break a bracket, wire, etc., and potentially extend  orthodontic treatment time. Additionally, many patients tend to need orthodontic appliances that assist with their braces treatment. These appliances are things like rubber bands, which help to move the teeth to the right position. Use these appliances exactly as they are directed, or treatment time will be longer.

  3. See your Orthodontist with Any Problems: Third, understand that accidents do happen, but it is extremely important to seek care for them immediately, as any problem that goes untreated will most likely produce a delay in treatment. Braces are made of delicate brackets and archwires, and they can pop free or snap from eating hard and sticky foods. If for some reason your braces do break, don’t panic. First, Dr. Barry Glaser recommends placing wax on any area that is causing you discomfort, and then contacting Glaser Orthodontics as soon as possible! You should come in so the damages can be repaired, keeping your braces functioning properly and avoiding any delays. Dr. Barry Glaser also recommends that any patients that play sports wear mouthguards to avoid accidents. Whenever you are playing, wear a mouthguard so that your braces are not exposed to any pressure or hits. This will keep all the parts in the right places and keep you on track to get your braces off as soon as possible!

  4. Follow your Schedule: Lastly, follow a strict schedule with your orthodontist. Throughout your treatment, you will need to come into the office for checkups, adjustments, and more. The Glaser Orthodontics team will work with you to make appointments on dates and times that are best for you, so it is important that you do attend each and every one of them. We understand that our patients with braces near Jefferson Valley NY have busy schedules, and are sometimes unable to make it. If this is the case, be sure to let us know as soon as you can, and create a new appointment right away, as staying consistent and on time with your appointments is just another important step in making sure that your treatment runs smoothly and efficiently.

By following these simple steps, patients can do their part to speed up their treatment time wearing braces and get that beautiful smile you’ve been anxiously awaiting!

Dr. Barry Glaser and the team at Glaser Orthodontics are the experts in braces. If you have any questions pertaining to braces, clear braces, Invisalign, or Invisalign Teen near Jefferon Valley, NY, Peekskill NY, Cortlandt Manor, NY, Cold Spring, NY, Croton-on-Hudson, NY, Westchester, NY, or surrounding areas, or would like to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Barry Glaser, contact Glaser Orthodontics at: 914-739-6400.

Braces Shrub Oak, NY

Braces Shrub Oak, NY

Dr. Glaser and our team at Glaser Orthodontics pride ourselves on our years of experience, training, and success with treatment with braces in the Shrub Oak, NY area. We always work our hardest to develop the best treatment plan for your orthodontic needs; that’s why we offer a variety of orthodontic treatments for you to choose from.

What Kinds of Braces Are There?

At Glaser Orthodontics, we offer a wide number of braces types to ensure that you receive the best possible treatment for your individual needs. Some of the orthodontic treatments we offer include:

  • Traditional metal braces: These are made of metal wires and brackets that are fastened to the front surface of the teeth. You can select a variety of colors of rubber bands that hold your wires in place, and gradually the braces will guide your teeth to a perfect alignment.
  • Clear braces: this treatment works the same way as metal braces, but instead of metal brackets, they employ porcelain or ceramic brackets. These brackets are designed to be tooth-colored, creating the effect of being “clear”. In some cases, you can receive clear wires, as well.
  • Invisalign: the Invisalign system is comprised of a series of clear, plastic aligner trays. These trays are molded specifically to fit your teeth throughout a treatment course that is designed for your perfect smile. Every couple of weeks, Dr. Glaser will switch out your current set of Invisalign aligners for the next set, and with each new tray, your teeth will gradually shift into the smile of your dreams.

How Do I Get Started?

The team at Glaser Orthodontics is dedicated to providing you with the best possible braces treatment in the Shrub Oak, NY area. If you have questions or you’re ready to get started with your orthodontic treatment, don’t hesitate to contact Glaser Orthodontics today!

Dr. Barry Glaser and the team at Glaser Orthodontics are the experts in braces. If you have any questions pertaining to orthodontic treatment in Shrub Oak, NY, Cortlandt Manor, NY, Cold Spring, NY, Croton-on-Hudson, NY, Westchester County, NY, or the 10588 zip code area, or would like to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Barry Glaser contact Glaser Orthodontics at: 914-739-6400


Braces in Yorktown, NY

Braces Yorktown NY

Are you in need of an orthodontist who can provide braces in Yorktown, NY? Look no further than Glaser Orthodontics. At Glaser Orthodontics, you will receive the finest and most delicate care of your teeth. Dr. Barry Glaser is a trained and licensed professional orthodontist that will ensure you will regain your self-confidence and enjoy a radiant smile for the rest of your life.

What Types of Braces Are Available?

At Glaser Orthodontics, we understand that every case is different, and everyone has different priorities for their orthodontic treatment. That’s why we offer a wide variety of braces treatments to our patients, including:

  • Traditional metal braces: the most commonly seen type of orthodontic treatment, these are made of metal brackets and wires that are fastened to the front surface of the teeth
  • Clear braces: these function the same way as metal ones, the only difference being the composition. Instead of metal, these are made of a tooth-colored ceramic or porcelain material, giving them the appearance of being “clear”, which is why they’ve become so popular as an adult treatment.
  • Invisalign: the Invisalign system is comprised of clear, plastic aligner trays that, with each new set, gradually guide your teeth to perfect alignment. Aligners are completely clear, removable, and comfortable for the wearer.

How Do I Get Started?

If you’re ready to achieve your perfect smile, Glaser Orthodontics is here to help. For more information about braces in Yorktown, NY or to schedule your initial consultation, don’t hesitate to contact Glaser Orthodontics today!

Dr. Barry Glaser and the team at Glaser Orthodontics are the experts in braces. If you have any questions pertaining to braces, Invisalign, or Invisalign Teen in Yorktown, NY, Cortlandt Manor, NY, Cold Spring, NY, Croton-on-Hudson, NY, Westchester County, NY or the 10598 zip code area, or would like to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Barry Glaser contact Glaser Orthodontics at: 914-739-6400

Exceptional Orthodontic Care in Croton NY

With Glaser Orthodontics, you will get great orthodontic care in Croton NY.  If you live near Croton NY, let us help you get the perfect smile with our outstanding orthodontic team. After your initial consultation, Glaser Orthodontics will strategize to provide the best orthodontic and overall dental care available in Croton NY.

Proper oral care is our goal while working to straighten your teeth with the highly popular Invisalign straightening system or the traditional metal braces. The staff here at Glaser Orthodontics will teach teens, as well as adults, how to properly care for their teeth while in our care.

Don’t hesitate — contact Dr. Glaser at Glaser Orthodontics at our Cortlandt Manor NY office to get exceptional orthodontic treatment.  You can contact us at 914-739-6400 or visit our website.

Westchester NY Orthodontist

Do you live in Westchester NY? Are you looking for a reliable, caring, and friendly orthodontist? Glaser Orthodontics is the orthodontist you have been looking for! Dr. Glaser and his experienced staff have been dedicated to bringing beautiful smiles to Westchester County NY since 1988. Specializing in braces for children and adults, Dr. Glaser is skilled in the latest techniques and technologies of orthodontic care.

Ask us about the benefits of Invisalign and Invisalign Teen, the revolutionary way of straightening teeth invisibly without metal braces! We are also the first Orthodontist in Westchester County NY to have the iTero digital scanner, which eliminates the need for unpleasant impressions of the teeth for Invisalign- -no more goop!

In addition to Invisalign, we provide many orthodontic treatment options including braces for adults and children, traditional metal braces, clear braces, and much more. To start building your beautiful smile, please explore our website or visit our beautiful state of the art orthodontic office located in Westchester NY.

Patients are Advised to Protect Teeth and Gums as You Age by Westchester Orthodontist


The team at Glaser Orthodontics stress the importance of proper care of our patients teeth and gums. Dr. Glaser says that taking steps now will help protect your dental health and prevent serious decay and disease from developing as you get older. Glaser Orthodontics tells Westchester residents that you are never too young to start the proper cleaning and care of your mouth.

The changes that occur in your body as you age can be seen in your mouth just as readily as they can be seen in other areas. Being aware of these changes is the first step in protecting your teeth and gums.

Erosion/loss of tooth enamel. Over time, depending on your eating habits and the state of your health, you may begin to lose tooth enamel. As enamel wears away, teeth become brittle and sensitive. Teeth also dry out and become more brittle with age because fewer blood vessels are available to deliver fluids and nutrients.

Slowdown of saliva production. As you get older you produce less saliva, and you may routinely take medications that reduce it even further. Dr. Glaser says the result is a dry mouth, which is not only unpleasant, but can cause chewing and swallowing difficulties, bad breath, tooth decay, and irritated tissue in your mouth that can lead to infection.

Gum infections and inflammation. Chronic medical conditions that are more common in later years, such as heart disease, diabetes and respiratory distress are thought to be associated with gum infections and inflammation. According to Harvard Family Health Guide, some scientists believe that bacteria present in gum infections can get into the bloodstream and causes inflammation in other parts of the body.

Call Glaser Orthodontics in Cortlandt Manor for a consultation on how to protect your teeth and gums.

Westchester Orthodontist Tells How To Prevent Decay While Wearing Braces

You’ve just gotten Glaser Orthodontics in Upper Westchester to put your braces on.  Dr. Glaser realizes that having braces can present some new challenges when it comes to oral hygiene. Preventing tooth decay can be a big challenge simply because of the tendency for braces to trap food under the wires and between the teeth and the brackets. Dr. Glaser and his team offer a few tips to keep our patients teeth healthy while wearing your braces:

1. Eat Braces-Safe Foods

Keeping your teeth from decay starts with a proper diet. Foods that are high in sugar or starch can cause more plaque which is difficult to remove during your brushing. There are certain foods that should be avoided while wearing your braces. First, sticky foods like caramel or gum can get stuck in your braces and be difficult to remove during brushing. Next, hard foods such as nuts and candy could bend wires or even break a bracket. Foods that are firm or hard to bite into like apples, carrots, or corn on the cob should be avoided. As much as we like to snack on them, those crunchy treats can harm your braces. Things like chips, ice, popcorn can also bend or break your braces.

On the other hand, bananas, mangoes, milk, water, poultry, and pasta all tend to be low in enamel-busting acids.

2. Proper Brushing

You want to place your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle against the gums in order to clean the whole tooth, and brush gently in the area between the wiring and the teeth. Use a softer toothbrush with fluoride paste for best results. Rinsing every day will help, too. Rinsing is important regardless, but especially important when you have braces as you need to disinfect the entire mouth, including those spots under the braces where your brush can’t always reach.

3. Ask About Special Cleaning Tools

There are also special brushes, or other tools, to get under and clean your braces. You can also find many of these items at your local pharmacy.

4. Regular Teeth Cleaning

It’s important to keep your routine appointments with your dentist and dental hygienist for a thorough cleaning twice a year or as directed. The exact frequency of these visits will be up to your dentist as some types of braces are more demanding of a regular cleaning than others.

As long as you practice good oral hygiene and follow these basic tips from Glaser Orthodontics, you should have no problem keeping your teeth from decaying while you wear braces. Call the office at 914-739-6400 with any questions.


National Dental Health Month is Celebrated in Upper Westchester

October is National Dental Health Month, and the best time to make sure that your oral health is in tiptop shape. Here at Glaser Orthodontics, we want all of our patients from Cortlandt Manor, NY to remember to get back to the basics of oral health. While we all rush to be out the door on time during the busy fall and winter months, it is important to still take the time to thoroughly clean. The ADHA suggests these 3 main things to stay diligent with:



Research shows that brushing for two minutes is the single most important method for reducing plaque and preventing cavities, gingivitis and other plaque-related diseases. The most obvious of tasks can also be the most commonly neglected. A quick brush will not do the job; it is essential to your smile that you brush thoroughly, twice a day.


Luckily, for the things brushing can’t reach, there is floss. Plaque tends to build up in those tricky places, and flossing every day can greatly improve your hygiene. Try using flavored floss, or a floss stick to make flossing every day a more convenient and enjoyable experience.



While teeth are a hugely important component to the mouth, oral hygiene does not stop at just brushing. Gum and tongue health are important as well. To ensure this, rinse at least once a day with mouthwash. If you are not a fan of mouthwash, try one without alcohol or with a less harsh minty flavor. This will ensure that you can enjoy fresh breath, while limiting gingivitis and gum disease.

So this October let Dr. Barry Glaser  show Westchester how to integrate these health habits into your daily routine.  Glaser Orthodontics celebrates National Dental Health with its patients.



Why Early Evaluation by Your Orthodontist is Important

Taking your child to Glaser Orthodontics for an evaluation means that you may be able to identify problems with the jaw and teeth early when they are still easy to treat. Early treatment often equals a more simplified treatment plan, which is beneficial to both children and their parents. Often, earlier treatment can cost less to correct a problem than delayed treatment.

If a problem is detected, Dr, Barry Glaser and his team will discuss corrective options and provide a recommended treatment schedule. Depending on your child’s orthodontic needs, he or she may benefit from:


Palatial Spacers Helpful for correcting a crossbite by expanding the width of the upper jaw.


Fixed Functional Appliance Helpful for correcting severe upper tooth protrusion.


Headgear Helpful for guiding healthy growth of new teeth and the jaw. Headgear is removable, but usually must be worn at least 10 hours per day.


Schedule your child’s evaluation at Glaser Orthodontics in Cortlandt Manor to get the best orthodontic care in Westchester county.