How Much Do Braces Cost?

Dr. Glaser and our team at Glaser Orthodontics are committed to providing affordable, high quality orthodontic treatment such as braces throughout the Cortlandt Manor, Peekskill, and surrounding Westchester County areas.

The Cost of Braces

The average cost of braces can vary and is dependent on specific personal factors such as treatment length and location.  Here at Glaser Orthodontics our goal is to make high quality orthodontic care affordable for every budget. We offer a variety of payment options to fit your needs.  You may receive the benefit of reduced personal costs through your insurance coverage.  In addition, we also accept most major credit cards and even offer financing options as well.

Types of Braces

  • In-Ovation R – a revolutionary new system of traditional braces that can significantly shorten treatment time. They are smaller in size and offer better hygiene then traditional braces.
  • In-Ovation C – translucent in color for cosmetic appeal, these use a self-ligating bracket system to enhance patient comfort and shorten treatment time.
  • Invisalign – clear aligners that are computer simulated to gradually align teeth. These are made to be comfortable, removable and virtually invisible.

How much does Invisalign cost?

The average cost of Invisalign can be comparable to the average cost of braces in some cases, depending on your specific treatment needs.  The advantages they offer have made them a popular choice, especially amongst teenagers and adult professionals, who want the benefits of braces without them affecting social or personal life.  They allow you to continue enjoying your favorite foods and doing the activities you love without getting in the way.

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Adolescent Braces in Westchester

 Everyone always asks Dr. Glaser, adolescent braces specialist, the question, “When is the best time for my child to get braces?” Well, according to Glaser Orthodontics, orthodontic treatment starts at different ages, depending on each child’s needs. Just as no two kids are the same, no two sets of teeth are ever the same, so never consider a specific age the time for kids to get braces. Adolescent orthodontic treatment in Westchester should be considered for every child, no matter their age.

At Glaser Orthodontics in Westchester NY, childhood braces can and should be applied to avoid dental issues later in life. When kids get braces, they have less of a chance of needing tooth removal in the future as well as creating facial symmetry and room for crowded, erupting teeth. According to The American Association of Orthodontists, kids should be evaluated at around the age of seven to see if orthodontic treatment is needed. Although seven is a good age, it isn’t necessarily the age for every kid. If you have a child in Westchester that you think would benefit from braces, contact Glaser Orthodontics at 914-739-6400 or visit our website to schedule your consultation.

Adolescent Braces in Westchester NY

You may be asking yourself if it is time for your adolescent in Westchester to begin orthodontic treatment considering the most common time to begin orthodontic treatment is in adolescence. By this time, most of the permanent teeth are in and the facial bones are growing to their adult size. For many patients, adolescence is an excellent time to have orthodontic treatment because most, if not all, of the braces can be placed right from the start, and with excellent patient cooperation, treatment can be quick and efficient.

Adolescence is the time when children develop their sense of self-worth and self-esteem. Dr. Glaser realizes the importance of having a beautiful healthy smile and how it helps young people feel good about themselves and improves their self-confidence during this time in their life


At Glaser Orthodontics, we strive to make the orthodontic experience a positive one. We provide all our patients with individual and personalized attention and try to make them feel special. Schedule a consultation with us today if you are interested in adolescent braces in Westchester. Call us at 914-739-6400 for more information.