How Old Does My Child Have to be to Start Invisalign?

In today’s world, Invisalign is advertised as an equivalent to braces. However, many do not realize that this is simply not the case. Although completely safe for adults and teens, Invisalign is NOT advertised towards children. Some practices are Invisalign preferred providers, and will try to sell you on the idea of a clear aligner system for your child in order for them to further their profit. Dr. Barry Glaser of Glaser Orthodontics provides Invisalign near Somers, NY, and can help you decide on what type of braces that your child really needs.

Although Invisalign has a relatively average cost (around the same as treatment with traditional braces) for orthodontic treatment, there are a few drawbacks to the aligner system at an early age. Firstly, Dr. Barry Glaser says that if your child hasn’t lost all of their baby teeth (full permanent dentition has not yet occurred) and their permanent teeth haven’t come in yet, then they aren’t eligible for Invisalign OR braces. You need to wait until all of your child’s permanent teeth have grown in first. This will usually occur around twelve to thirteen years old, give or take a few years. Secondly, compared to treatment with braces, Invisalign only provides approximately 43% improvement (with braces having 90-95%). Depending on the severity of your child’s case, Invisalign may not be the right method of treatment as it cannot treat certain malocclusions (like crossbites). Make sure that you’re seeing a certified orthodontist for your treatment and not a general dentist, because dentists have not taken the extra education and other steps that orthodontics requires.

Something else to consider is your child’s maturity level. They must be mature enough to remember to wear the aligners for 22 hours of the day, only taking them out to brush, floss, eat, or clean them. If an aligner is lost, the Glaser Orthodontics professionals say that Invisalign Teen will replace it, but there is a limit to how many they can replace. Many offices will replace the first lost set for no charge, but will ask you to pay around $100 for each (double that per whole set). This can be frustrating for all parties because your doctor will need to have the sets made, you will be paying for them, and your child will not be receiving the benefits for as long as they aren’t wearing the aligner.

If you really have your mind set on Invisalign, then good news- there are many reasons as to why clear aligners are a preferred option. Dr. Barry Glaser mentioned that since they’re clear, they are practically invisible. Your child won’t have to worry about peer opinions, and it may be more comfortable for them in social situations. A Glaser Orthodontics associate stated that Invisalign may also be comfortable wear-wise because there aren’t any brackets or wires to poke at their cheeks or lips. They will have an easier time brushing and flossing, improving their dental hygiene. As I mentioned earlier, the cost of Invisalign is similar to that of traditional braces, with the aligner system costing approximately $4,000 to $7,500 and braces costing around $3,000 to $7,000.

Is Invisalign the right direction to go for your child’s orthodontic treatment? Consult with your orthodontist to find out. If you’re seeking an orthodontist near Somers, NY, then look no further than Dr. Barry Glaser of Glaser Orthodontics. Give them a call at 914.739.6400 to ensure the safety of your child’s bright, beautiful smile today!


Braces Friendly Easter Baskets

Easter is Coming Up, But My Kids Have Braces. What Should I Leave in Their Easter Baskets?

One of the easiest gifts and nicest gifts to get your kids for Easter is a basket filled with goodies from a grocery or drugstore, but most contain sweets and candies that shouldn’t be eaten while wearing braces. They can get stuck in the brackets, and make brushing and flossing a pain. However, there are many other things that you can put in your children’s baskets for this special holiday. To explain is Dr. Barry Glaser and his team at Glaser Orthodontics in Cortlandt Manor, NY. They’re here to help you make your Easter special- even without the sweets!

Non-Edible Treats

Who said that the goodies inside your Easter basket had to be candy? Dr. Barry Glaser says that replacing sweets with a new pair of headphones, T-shirt, a gift card or a new CD or game will provide much more enjoyment than the seconds that kids get from eating a few jellybeans. The possibilities are endless! For girls: nail polish, a new book, or some art supplies will go a long way. For boys: Nerf guns, Lego sets, or video games make great gifts.

Baked Goods

Most baked goods are completely safe to eat with braces, as long as your kids do some brushing afterwards. A Glaser Orthodontics associate says that cookies, brownies, or cupcakes are the perfect sweets for kids that want to see some snacks on Easter morning. You can write “Happy Easter!” on them in frosting, or make some Easter designs with colored sugar and sprinkles!


Although chocolate might be a sugary sweet, it’s actually fine for your kids to have some during the holiday. Dr. Barry Glaser says that since chocolate is soft, it won’t damage braces. However, you shouldn’t give your kids chocolate with nuts, and they should DEFINITELY brush well after eating them!

Marshmallow Chicks

Who doesn’t love Peeps? This sugary marshmallow Easter treat might not be the healthiest of snacks, but they are completely safe to eat with braces. Just as Dr. Barry Glaser says, brush after eating them!

Family Activities

One great recommendation from one of our friends at Glaser Orthodontics is to include something to do together in your Easter baskets! A new board game, puzzle, or sports tickets are great ways to spend time together!

All-in-all, there are many substitutes for anything harmful to braces that you can place in your child’s Easter basket. If you’re looking for more great ideas, or need an orthodontist in Cortlandt Manor, NY that’s good with kids and gets results, then Dr. Barry Glaser is only a call away! If you call 914.739.6400, any member of his fantastic Glaser Orthodontics team will schedule a free consultation for you, and will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Happy Easter!


What is the Perfect Age To Begin Taking My Child to the Orthodontist?

The topic of orthodontics is very popular among adults and children alike near Somers, NY. As a child develops, one of the first things parents may begin to worry about is their child’s oral health. Dr. Barry Glaser of Glaser Orthodontics near Somers, NY is often getting questions regarding what signs to look out for to determine if a child may eventually need orthodontic attention, and at what age should a child should begin treatment? No two cases are the same, but Dr. Barry Glaser has the answers to a few of the most important questions that you may have below:

When is it best to Begin Treatment?

In many cases, orthodontic issues can be detected early in life. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends all children should get a check-up with an orthodontic specialist no later than age 7.

  • Orthodontists can spot subtle problems with jaw growth and emerging teeth while baby teeth are still present, predicting possible problems that might arise in the future.

  • While your child’s teeth may appear to be straight, there could be a problem that only an orthodontist, like Dr. Barry Glaser, is able to detect.

  • A check-up with a dentist may reveal that your child’s bite is fine. But an orthodontist specializes in identifying a developing problem that isn’t very noticeable. The doctor will likely  recommend monitoring the child’s growth and development, and then, if indicated, begin orthodontic treatment at a time that is appropriate for the child. In other cases, the orthodontist might find a problem that can benefit from early orthodontic treatment.

  • Early orthodontic treatment may prevent or intercept more serious problems from developing and may make treatment at a later age less time consuming and complicated. A Glaser Orthodontics associate says that in some cases, the orthodontist will be able to achieve results that may not be possible once the face and jaws have finished growing, preventing orthodontic treatment later in life.

  • Early treatment will give your orthodontist the chance to:

    • Guide jaw growth

    • Lower the risk of trauma to protruded front teeth

    • Correct harmful oral habits

    • Improve appearance

    • Guide permanent teeth into a more favorable position

    • Create a more pleasing arrangement of teeth, lips and face

Because patients differ in both physiological development and treatment needs, the orthodontist’s goal is to provide each patient with the most appropriate treatment at the most appropriate time. Dr. Barry Glaser says that through an early orthodontic evaluation, you’ll be giving your child the best opportunity for a healthy, beautiful smile!

If your child is older than 7, it is never too late for a thorough examination with Dr. Barry Glaser and the team at Glaser Orthodontics!

What are the first steps?

If you are interested in orthodontic treatment for your child near Somers, NY or surrounding areas, the first step is to contact us! Dr. Barry Glaser and the team will examine your child and discuss which options are best suited to correct their issues. Once you have determined the appropriate treatment plan with Dr. Barry Glaser and the amazing staff at Glaser Orthodontics, you will be on the road to the gorgeous smile you have always wanted! We invite you to call Glaser Orthodontics to learn more about orthodontic treatment for children near Somers, NY at 914.739.6400!

Is Invisalign Teen Expensive?

Invisalign for adults is fairly straightforward and costs about as much as traditional braces. However, Invisalign Teen is less clear about its cost and effectiveness. Money is definitely a concern, but don’t forget to consider the other expenses for your teen: social standing, dietary changes, and confidence. These less straightforward costs ought to be included in your consideration of Invisalign according to Dr. Barry Glaser of Glaser Orthodontics near Mohegan Lake, NY, as the teenage formative years are extremely important for your child to find their identity in the world.

Let’s start with the fiscal costs. The monetary cost can seem expensive for a teen set of Invisalign trays, but the data adds up. Braces, adult Invisalign, and Invisalign Teen all cost about the same. However, it is worth noting that spending money on Invisalign Teen is great at preventing future dental health problems. With teeth lined up and malocclusions fixed, teens can avoid costly and sometimes painful procedures with deep-rooted problems. In fact, shelling out the cost at Glaser Orthodontics will save you more in the long-run and other dental problems can be diagnosed and fixed before they become serious issues.

Money isn’t the only cost, especially for a teenager. The embarrassment of braces can earn stress and anxiety, as well as scrutiny from their peers. As teenagers get older, they get a great smile, but at the cost of social standing and confidence. Invisalign Teen does away with all of this, as the clear set of trays are practically invisible. Performing the same job as braces, often in half the time, Invisalign is more than a gift, it is a doorway to new friends, experiences, and confidence. Dr. Barry Glaser says that maturation is tough enough with today’s teens’ values and the need to build a support network near Mohegan Lake, NY.

Equally important is an identity your teen latches on to. Invisalign gives your teen a clear path to try new hobbies, stick to a healthy diet, and handle responsibility. No more gossip about an unsightly smile caused by brackets and wires. The folks at Glaser Orthodontics say “How are your teeth so straight?” will be the question on everyone’s mind. This builds confidence, which builds opportunity, and so on. Invisalign Teen provides more than just straight teeth! Don’t forget to consider this important part of your teen’s life.

Just mentioning a healthy diet may make some teens cringe, but don’t worry. Dr. Barry Glaser says that as long as you remove your Invisalign trays before eating, you still have a wide choice of foods to eat. Soft breads and meats are perfect on their own or in a sandwich. Similarly, soft fruits and vegetables are great both raw and cooked into a meal. Invisalign gives your teen a chance to sample new foods and stick with fluorinated water instead of sugary sodas and acidic juices. Salads and other greens are tasty when combined with a bit of dressing. Anything undercooked or overcooked shouldn’t be eaten normally, but it’s worth reminding that most hard foods and candy in general aren’t good for your teeth. You may wonder exactly why food is included in this list of costs. One of our friends at Glaser Orthodontics says that healthy foods are a foundation for good dietary habits and don’t interfere with the Invisalign Teen process. Straight teeth, great health, and new foods are all benefits of a cost that can’t be quantified: they are simply priceless.

The choice is clear: Invisalign Teen beats other treatments as young adults not in price but in health, social standing, reliability, and confidence. If you’re looking for an experienced orthodontist who can provide your child with Invisalign Teen near Mohegan Lake, NY, then Glaser Orthodontics is right for you! You can call 914.739.6400 at any time, and Dr. Barry Glaser will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have, or schedule a free consultation. So what are you waiting for? Call today!

How Old is Too Old for Braces?

If you think you’re too old for braces, think again. There is no such thing as being “too old” for braces. Braces are used to help improve your smile, no matter what your age may be. Starting from the moment you lose your last baby tooth and all of your adult teeth have grown in, you are eligible to receive the proper orthodontic care and may find that braces are the right fit for you. Here at Glaser Orthodontics near Ossining, NY, Dr. Barry Glaser will be able to look at the progress your teeth have made, and will determine the best orthodontic treatment for you.

Why do I need braces?

Braces are used to help restore the alignment of your teeth, fixing crooked or crowded teeth, overbites or underbites, and any incorrect jaw position or disorders of the jaw. We know that everyone’s teeth grow in different ways (shape, size, alignment, etc.). Dr. Glaser says that patients with orthodontic problems at any age can benefit from orthodontic treatment.

How long will I need braces?

You can count on having your braces anywhere from 18-30 months, in order for your teeth and jaw to properly align. However, a Glaser Orthodontics associate says that in rare cases, some people may need to have their braces on longer in order to fix more extreme malocclusions. In the long run, all you need to worry about is having the straight teeth and smile you’ve been working so hard for.

How do I clean my braces?

  1. Brushing: You should brush normally with your manual toothbrush twice a day.

  2. Flossing: You should use regular dental floss to get through and clean between the teeth. Take extra care when working around the archwire so as to not cause any damage

  3. Interproximal Brush: Using an interproximal brush, you will be able to clean between the archwire of your braces and your teeth all around. You want to use this every time you brush your teeth to get rid of any food substances stuck within your braces.

Will I look weird with braces?

Are you feeling anxious about wearing braces? Is the idea of others seeing you with braces making you nervous? Dr. Glaser says that he has seen plenty of adults who wear braces, and promises you that it looks completely normal. When you’re wearing braces, all you should think about is how amazing it will feel to have a new straight and healthy smile when they come off. All of your hard work toward keeping your braces nice and clean will pay off in the end, and will give you that bright healthy looking smile you’ve always wanted.

Don’t let the fear of your age or what others may think get in the way of fixing your teeth and bite. If for any reason, you feel that braces are not right for you, we here at Glaser Orthodontics near Ossining, NY offer other alternative treatment plans. Call us at 914-739-6400, and we will set you up to see Dr. Barry Glaser for an appointment to discuss all treatment plan options that he feels are right for you.