Braces Care for July 4th

July 4th is fast approaching and you know what that means. Family gatherings and BBQ. Glaser Orthodontics wants to warn his patients who wear braces about what BBQ foods to avoid. Dr. Glaser recommends following these tips to avoid a braces emergency visit to his office near Montrose.

Hard foods to Avoid Include:

Corn on the Cob – try taking it off the cob
Ribs on the Bone
Apples, Pears or any fruit that puts pressure directly on your braces (cut your fruit)
Taco shells
Hard Rolls and Bagels

 Sticky Foods to Avoid Include:

Gum (sugar-free or regular) / Bubble Gum
Taffy (sorry no salt water Taffy)
Sugar Daddies
Tootsie Rolls

Sweet Foods/Drinks to Avoid Include:

Ice Cream
Keep Soda and Gatorade to a minimum

The team at Glaser Orthodontics near Montrose wants you to have a safe and healthy celebration this July 4. Make sure to take care of those braces so that you can avoid any emergency orthodontic treatment visit. If you need us call 914-739-6400. Otherwise, enjoy the fireworks and we’ll see you soon.


Three Questions for Your Orthodontist

Orthodontics can seem extremely complicated or even overwhelming for some patients near Mohegan Lake. But Glaser Orthodontics believes his patients should feel at ease throughout the entire orthodontic treatment process. That is why we have created this cheat sheet to ask the orthodontist and help answer all your questions about orthodontics:

1. At what age should my child or I seek orthodontic treatment?

Dr. Glaser says that the answer to this is that there is no right answer – every individual is different, so his or her mouth will be ready for orthodontic treatment at different times as well. Glaser Orthodontics does however suggest bringing in your child around age 7, when the teeth are starting to fully come in and protrude. This will allow Dr. Glaser and the team at Glaser Orthodontics to stay on top of any problems before they become big issues! Additionally, Glaser Orthodontics specializes in providing treatment to both children and adults, so there is no age limit. Stop by our office near Mohegan Lake whenever you are ready to reinvent your smile.

2. How do I know which kind of braces are right for me?

The answer to this is simple – you don’t have to know! When you come to our office near Mohegan Lake for an appointment, Dr. Glaser and the team will examine your mouth and evaluate what will need to be done in terms of length and complexity of the treatment. Then, Dr. Glaser will work with you to decide which kind of braces best suits your lifestyle. So don’t worry, Glaser Orthodontics will help figure out what is right for you, and will give you the proper guidance for your orthodontics near Mohegan Lake.

3. Can I just get Invisalign from my dentist?

Recently, many dentists in the Mohegan Lake area have started to offer Invisalign treatment systems. While this may seem like a more convenient option, in the long run it is a much better idea to get Invisalign from Glaser Orthodontics. Dr. Glaser is a certified orthodontist, which means straightening and realigning teeth is his specific specialty. Unlike a dentist, Dr. Glaser has seen many cases, and treated all kinds of patients with Invisalign, as well as other systems. In fact, Dr. Glaser is an Elite Preferred Provider of Invisalign which indicates an extremely high level of experience. This experience allows for better accuracy and more pristine results. Plus, the Glaser Orthodontics staff is here to help you integrate the Invisalign system into your lifestyle, and make your orthodontic experience as enjoyable as possible.

Have more questions? Want to learn more about what to ask your orthodontist? Just want to get started? Glaser Orthodontics is happy to help. Contact us by calling 914-739-6400 or set up an appointment in our office near Mohegan Lake for more information. We look forward to helping you pave the way to a better and brighter smile!


Keep Up the Oral Hygiene while wearing Braces

Why bother to spend thousands of dollars and years of your time on straightening your teeth, and then ignore your oral hygiene? When you have braces, you will need to brush your teeth several times per day, ideally after every meal. Glaser Orthodontics says that this may sound like a big pain, but you’ll get used to it. In fact, you will want to brush your teeth often, because food gets stuck between your brackets, which can be really disgusting and cause bad breath and tooth decay. At the very least, Dr. Glaser says you should swish your mouth with water after eating.

For brushing your teeth while wearing braces, Dr. Glaser says you can get an orthodontic toothbrush or use a regular soft toothbrush. Both types of toothbrushes are available in the Yorktown Heights area. The important thing is to clean your braces thoroughly, making sure that there is no food debris on any of the brackets. You should also floss at least once per day. It isn’t always easy, but there are many “floss threader” products on the market that help. The team at Glaser Orthodontics can show you how to brush and floss properly. Speaking of brushing, remember that it is not recommended that you use a whitening toothpaste when you have braces. It could cause you to have “two tone” teeth after the brackets are removed!

Another thing to remember is that although a device like a Waterpik is great for gum stimulation and dislodging food, it is not a substitute for flossing. Even if you use an oral irrigator, you still need to floss daily. Because you will be brushing so often, it helps to keep a dental kit with you. Glaser Orthodontics recommend that you keep a toothbrush, floss and a spill-proof folding cup in your dental kit. 

Glaser Orthodontics wants to remind you that your braces and brackets will rub on the inside of your gums and lips and may cause mouth sores so it is imperative to keep up with your oral hygiene while wearing braces.  If your mouth is sore, you can rinse with warm salt water or take Tylenol or ibuprofen.  If you ever have questions or concerns with your orthodontic treatment, please feel free to stop by the office near Yorktown Heights or call us at 914-739-6400Glaser Orthodontics wants you to be happy with that beautiful smile,

Have You Heard the term Brace-ism?

Everyone knows the classic story:  A kid gets braces, goes to school and now he/she is the target for anyone who thinks it’s funny to be different.  You hear the old jabs; metal mouth, brace face, antenna head, etc.  The urban dictionary term for this (yes there’s a term!) is Brace-ism.  Braceism is defined as “Acting mean towards people who have braces on their teeth”. Bullying is wrong on many levels, especially when it’s for the greater good of teeth straightening!  Glaser Orthodontics near Croton wish to assure every kid that it’s okay to be different.  Braces are essential for healthy straight teeth, so here are some ways to fight against the evil forces of brace-ism!

Take the high road!  When you are struck with the slings and arrows of an anti-braces onslaught, just turn around and smile.  Show them those big, beautiful brackets and be proud!  Soon you will have an award winning grin that will put most of those naysayers to shame.

Come up with a snappy retort!  If someone calls you “brace-face” or “metal mouth” you can volley back with “thanks for noticing I didn’t know you cared!” or “metal in your mouth is better than rocks in your head!”  This might give a bully something to chew on before he/she decides to mention it again!

Be confident that you are great looking!  Remember that those braces are a part of you, and that if you are beautiful then your braces are beautiful too!  Glaser Orthodontics will work hard to give you and your loved ones the confidence deserved that come with a great smile!  Visit our website or contact us at 914-739-6400 for more information on how we can help you improve your tomorrow!


Invisalign gives you a Perfect Smile

It’s easy to see how having a perfect smile could benefit you in every way. Unfortunately though, most of us weren’t born with that picture perfect smile. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still get it with Invisalign! Dr. Glaser and his team at Glaser Orthodontics have an office located near Garrison and are available to help you to get your picture perfect smile. Now we can do it more easily than ever with Invisalign. By using Invisalign as your orthodontic treatment plan, Dr. Glaser gets to eliminate the hassle of traditional metal braces.

Our orthodontic office servicing the Garrison area offers a clear alternative option for teeth straightening called Invisalign.  The Invisalign orthodontic treatment plan uses a series of invisible, removable, and comfortable aligners that no one can tell you’re wearing. So while you’re on your way to that perfect smile, you can feel more relaxed and confident too.

Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign is removable and durable, so you can still enjoy participating in sports, playing musical instruments and even eating and cleaning your teeth without having to worry about making major adjustments. Glaser Orthodontics is an expert in Invisalign. Dr. Glaser will help you to come up with the perfect, personalized Invisalign treatment plan, and is there every step of the way to answer your questions and give advice on how to incorporate your Invisalign care simply into your daily life.

If you live near Garrison and are interested in learning more about Invisalign, please give us a call at 914-739-6400. Our staff is ready to schedule an appointment for you with Glaser Orthodontics.