Adult Braces in Westchester County, NY

If you are an adult living in Westchester County, NY and are experiencing TMD symptoms, adult braces may be a solution to your problem. Experienced orthodontist, Dr. Barry Glaser, located in Westchester County, is here to answer your questions about braces for adults. TMD stands for Temporomandibular Disorder and the symptoms can include:

  • Pain in the jaw area
  • Pain, ringing, or stuffiness in the ears
  • Frequent headaches or neck aches
  • Clicking or popping sound when the jaw moves
  • Muscle spasms in the jaw area
  • A change in the alignment of top and bottom teeth
  • Locked jaw or limited opening of the mouth

If you feel you have these symptoms in Westchester County, braces may be needed to correct your jaw and will help alleviate your symptoms. Many people get TMD without ever having braces. Symptoms usually wax and wane regardless of if braces are worn. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, and may be concerned that you’re a candidate for TMD treatment, please contact Glaser Orthodontics at (914) 739-6400.

How to Clean your Invisalign aligners in Croton

You’ve taken the first step in talking with Dr. Glaser and the orthodontic team near Croton and selected Invisalign as your preferred straightening method. Now it’s time to learn how to care for your Invisalign aligners.

At Glaser Orthodontics which serves Croton and surrounding areas, we recommend wearing your Invisalign approximately 22 hours a day. The aligners are typically removed when you eat so this is the perfect time to clean them.

One method is the Invisalign cleaning system that we sell here at Glaser Orthodontics. This system is designed by Invisalign and helps remove plaque within 15 minutes and keeps your aligners odor-free, hygienic and clear.

Another method of keeping your aligners clean is to purchase a denture cleaning product. While you eat, you can soak one aligner per one tablet of denture cleaning. At Glaser Orthodontics, we suggest leaving the aligner in the cleaning product for approximately one hour. This can be done up to twice a day.

A third method of keeping your Invisalign trays clean is to use a baking soda product. It is suggested that you dissolve 1 tablespoon of baking soda in 1/2 Cup of water. Soak your trays in the baking soda water for about an hour. This method can be done twice a day.

Another cleaning method is to brush your aligners with a toothbrush and toothpaste. This will help keep them clean of particles as well as smelling fresh.

At Glaser Orthodontics, we want to help you keep your aligners clean while straightening your teeth. If you have any questions regarding your Invisalign care, the staff in Croton is here to assist you. Always remember to rinse before putting your aligners back on and keep on smiling!

Summer Care for Braces in Westchester

Summer has finally come and Glaser Orthodontics in Westchester wants to make sure his/her patients are ready to take care of their braces. For many parents, sending kids away to summer camp for weeks or even months is a summer tradition. Whether the camp is in Westchester or further away, Glaser Orthodontics wants to make sure their patients understand how to care for their braces. Taking care of your braces during the summer and at camp should not hinder summer fun. Follow some important tips from Glaser Orthodontics.

Dr. Glaser says it’s important to maintain the same oral care and routine kids have at home while away, so their braces stay in shape. Dr. Glaser and the staff at Glaser Orthodontics recommend giving your child a “braces camp kit” filled with all the necessities related to their teeth. The kit can include plenty of extra toothbrushes and wax in case a wire breaks. The important thing is to maintain clean teeth while you are away from Westchester. If anything were to happen to the braces, inform the counselors so the camp can call Glaser Orthodontics to see if an emergency appointment is necessary. The main thing is for your camper to be comfortable until you resume your regular schedule with Glaser Orthodontics back in Westchester. Just like at-home eating habits, the same instructions are given while away at camp; avoid sticky, chewy, or hard foods.

Our main goal at Glaser Orthodontics is to make sure your Westchester camper is completely prepared to maintain their braces during the summer months. If you want to schedule a visit before they leave, feel free to stop by or call us! Last but not least, while away at camp, Dr. Glaser says have fun and see you back in Westchester when you return!

Teeth Straightening in Yorktown Heights, NY

Have you been lacking confidence in your smile for a while now and are tired of the way you look with unstructured teeth? Then look no further than experienced orthodontist in Yorktown Heights, NY, Dr. Barry Glaser, to help you make the necessary changes to straighten your teeth and obtain that winning, radiant smile. You may be experiencing issues such as crowding of the teeth, overbite, spacing of the teeth, etc. All of these problems and more are highly common and usually easy to correct with the right treatment at Glaser Orthodontics. Fortunately, if you are suffering from one or more of these complications, Dr. Glaser and his dedicated and caring staff are more than qualified and willing to accommodate your every need; catering to your comfort levels in order to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty. At Glaser Orthodontics, we will be sure to correct and straighten your teeth in the most efficient and feasible way possible, no matter what issue you may be experiencing. Whether you are a child that just needs a simple retainer for adjustment lining or a teen or adult that needs braces, we offer many different treatment options and packages that are both reliable and affordable. Don’t hesitate to start building the smile of your dreams! Please contact Glaser Orthodontics at (914) 739-6400.

Keeping Your Smile Glowing in Peekskill, NY

A smile that is stained, yellow, or dingy-looking can make a person look much older than they are and can negatively affect his or her self-esteem.  What many people in Peekskill, NY aren’t aware of is that some of the foods or beverages they regularly consume may be leading to a less-than-brilliant smile.  While a tooth whitening treatment is a great way to brighten your grin, Glaser Orthodontics also warns that it’s a good idea to avoid these smile-staining foods in the first place.

1. Coffee –a well-known offender, coffee can sink into the teeth. Its dark color quality can make it a tough opponent for white teeth. But fear not, says Dr. Glaser, a little bit of milk or something to lighten the color can minimize the chance of staining.

2. Beets -Beet juice, which is concentrated, is especially dangerous for light fabric, which of course means the same for teeth.  If you eat beets, Glaser Orthodontics says to try to brush your teeth within an hour to reduce their potential to stain your teeth.

3. Soy Sauce-
Just like dark beverages, dark sauces can also stain your teeth.  In fact, a good rule of thumb from Glaser Orthodontics is that patients remember that a food that can stain their clothes can also stain their teeth.  Other sauces to watch out for include tomato sauce and balsamic vinegar.

4. Red Wine- another obvious danger, red wine can stain teeth due to its color. While it may reduce gum inflammation and thus diminish the potential for gum disease, it can also stain the teeth.  Try opting for white wine instead, or swishing some water in your mouth after drinking red.

5. Fruit juices- Yellowed teeth can be caused by drinking juices that contain a lot of acid. Of course, fruit juices will fall under this category, so try to minimize the acid consumption.

Getting your smile straight with braces or treatments from Glaser Orthodontics is just one aspect of a beautiful smile in Peekskill, NY. Another thing to focus on is a bright white grin. Now that you know more about which staining foods to avoid in Peekskill NY, your perfect smile is better than ever. For more information on how the team at Glaser Orthodontics can help you achieve a glowing smile, Contact us!


Goal of Cortlandt Manor Orthodontist

Our goal at Glaser Orthodontics in Cortlandt Manor is a good bite—meaning straight teeth that mesh well with the teeth in the opposite jaw. Dr. Glaser will develop an orthodontic treatment to correct your bite. A good bite makes it easier for you to bite, chew and speak. This can enhance your dental health and your overall health, and may improve self-esteem.

Orthodontic treatment is part of a comprehensive dental health care plan. With good care, including orthodontic treatment at Glaser Orthodontics when necessary, teeth can last a lifetime.

At Glaser Orthodontics, we treat children, teenagers and adults. Our younger patients who are still growing may yield results that may not be possible once the face and jaws have completed their growth.

A healthy bite is as important at age 60 as it is at age 16. Even though adults are no longer growing, they can also enjoy improvements that come from orthodontic treatment. Your age is not a requirement for orthodontic treatment. Healthy teeth can be moved at any age.

Orthodontic treatment is a smart investment in your dental, physical and emotional health. Call Glaser Orthodontics in Cortlandt Manor for your consultation. Let us help get you smiling.

Orthodontist for Kids in Northern Westchester

Are you looking for a reliable, friendly, and caring orthodontist around Northern Westchester for your adolescent/teen? At Glaser Orthodontics, Dr. Glaser and his experienced staff have been working with kids for years, correcting their unstructured smile and fixing their bite. Specializing in braces for children, Dr. Glaser is skilled in the latest techniques and technologies of orthodontic care. We offer Invisalign,the revolutionary way of straightening teeth invisibly without metal braces, clear braces, traditional braces and more! Start your child on the path to a beautiful and healthy smile with Dr. Glaser, Northern Westchester’s top orthodontist. For more information, please contact Glaser Orthodontics at (914) 739-6400.

Adult Invisalign Provider

Are you an adult residing in Northern Westchester that wishes you had a straighter smile? At Glaser Orthodontics of Northern Westchester, Dr. Barry Glaser offers Invisalign, one of the newest and easiest ways to straighten your teeth. Many adults do not consider braces later in life simply because traditional metal braces are unappealing and uncomfortable. But Invisalign is completely different, and much more appealing to adults who want to get their dream smile. Dr. Glaser of Glaser Orthodontics wants his patients of Northern Westchester to get the best smile possible. Invisalign, unlike traditional tooth-aligning treatments, uses two clear aligning trays that are completely removable for things like eating and brushing. The Invisalign process is much easier and faster than metal braces and is guaranteed to straighten your teeth in a timely fashion! If you or someone you know is interested in Invisalign for adults, do not hesitate and contact Glaser Orthodontics today at 914.739.6400.