Westchester NY Orthodontist Dr.Glaser is Awarded topDentists™ Recognition

Top Cortlandt Manor, New York orthodontist Dr. Glaser has been honored with receiving recognition as a Top Dentist in Westchester Magazine. This list consists of a compilation of the best dental professionals in the area based on specific criteria that is surveyed among other professional peers. The peer reviews are collected and analyzed by the topDentists™ final review board, from thousands of dental professionals in the Westchester area. The topDentists association then selects the most highly regarded professionals in the area. Westchester Magazine presents this directory of the county’s top dentists and specialists in a special issue. Dr. Glaser is proud and honored to be selected for this list.


The dentists who are surveyed to help create the Top Dentists List are asked to consider years of experience, continuing education, manner with patients, use of new techniques and technologies, and physical results. Based upon this criteria, the fellow peers of Dr. Glaser selected him as a distinguished professional who reaches a level of excellence in all of the required fields. His business tactics and exceptional results are the grounds for an award winning practice.


In continuing to uphold his title as a Top Dentist, Dr. Glaser is proud to be an elite provider of Invisalign Braces. He treats both adults and children in traditional braces, as well as in Invisalign and Invisalign Teen Systems. Dr. Glaser plans to use his award as motivation to consistently remain educated on the latest Orthodontic technologies that the Glaser Orthodontics practice has to offer.

For more information on the award winning Glaser Orthodontics practice, visit Dr. Glaser’s website or Contact Us.

Why an Orthodontist Should Provide Invisalign Over a Dentist in Westchester County NY

Both orthodontists and dentists can offer the Invisalign and Invisalign Teen systems. Invisalign allows either group to be certified in its treatment systems. Many people, however, are unaware of the difference between the two. Dr. Glaser, certified Invisalign provider and Orthodontist, may be able to help.

Dentists are general providers who have a university qualification in dentistry. Being an Invisalign dentist means nothing more than that they have completed a number of days training in the Invisalign training program. While these dentists technically do have the knowledge to provide a comprehensive treatment plan, they do not have the experience that many would hope to have when choosing a provider. Dentists can work with Invisalign patients, though not as closely as an orthodontist can.

Orthodontists have trained in general dentistry but have then gone onto additional years of university to study in the specialization of orthodontics. Often this training requires several extra years at a graduate program. The difference between a dentist and an orthodontist can be viewed as similar to a general family doctor and a cardiologist. One is a specialist in a particular area, another does more general dentistry work. For this reason, many prefer to go to an orthodontist for an Invisalign or Invisalign Teen system because they are specifically trained in the procedures that this tooth-straightening product deals with. They have had far more experience with this and similar systems making them more qualified to help.

Dr. Glaser is an experienced professional in Cortlant Manor NY. He is an Invisalign Preferred Provider, meaning that he has been properly certified and is experienced in handling Invisalign cases in the Westchester County area. He is a specialist in this area, and can offer you many benefits that a dentist cannot. Learn more about how Glaser Orthodontics can aid in your Invisalign Treatments by visiting our website.

Invisalign in Cortlandt Manor NY

Invisalign in Cortlandt Manor New York, trained provider, Dr. Glaser treats patients of Cortlandt Manor, Croton on Hudson, Peekskill and Yorktown NY. Never before has an orthodontic treatment so effortless and convenient been offered to teens. The Invisalign Teen system can help you achieve stunning results through your very own, customized treatment plan. The Invisalign treatments consist of a series of clear plastic aligners, created precisely to gently and gradually move your teeth into place. Using advanced 3-D Technology, Dr.Glaser can predetermine your treatment plan, and show you the results you would achieve, even before you start your treatment. Some of the benefits of the Invisalign system include:

            Virtually Invisible – Only you will know you have anything in your mouth.

            Completely Removable – Eat, drink, brush and floss, or take them out for special occasions.

            Faster Treatment Time – No fixed brackets or wires to adjust means you’ll spend less time visiting the doctor. The Doctor will give you number of Aligners at each appointment. You will change them every 2 weeks and return to the office to be checked and given your new series of aligners every 6 to 10 weeks.

If you are considering the Invisalign treatment, call Dr. Glaser for your Invisalign consultation. We can help you enjoy the benefits of having straight beautiful teeth, good oral hygiene and increased self confidence in Westchester NY and surrounding areas. Take the time to learn more about Invisalign Teen by calling our practice and visiting the Glaser Orthodontics website. 

Does Late Blooming Apply to Tooth Loss on Patients in Westchester County NY?

Just as a parent is concerned for the development of children during their youth, and especially adolescence, often times parents can wonder why tooth loss is not occurring at a rapid pace, or at the age predicted. There is a general pattern that tooth loss can follow, however it is not always exact. The order of teeth lost is much more important than the age at which these are lost. Dr. Glaser of Glaser Orthodontics is here to help you analyze your child’s case. The basic pattern is as follows.


Not much happens to the baby teeth between 3 and 6 years of age. Between 6 and 8 years, however, there is a flurry of activity as kids normally lose eight primary teeth in rapid succession. Between ages 8 and 10, there is another two-year pause that catches many parents by surprise since they have become accustomed to teeth being lost left and right. The last twelve primary teeth are then lost between ages 10 and 13.


These are the expected patterns for tooth loss. These are merely averages however. Some kids lose teeth faster than this. Others lose them slower. It is not unusual to see a 10-year-old with no baby teeth remaining, nor is it surprising to see a 14-year-old still hanging on to a few. The best way to diagnose irregular activity is to visit the Glaser Orthodontics offices or call Dr. Glaser. The Glaser team can provide insights into your child’s progress better than anyone else. Remember, the actual ages are not as important as the pattern of which kind of tooth comes when. It is hoped and expected that the teeth will fall out in this order:


  • Age 6: Lower and upper central incisors
  • Age 7: Lower and upper lateral incisors

  • Age 10: Lower canines and upper first molars
  • Age 11: Lower first molars

  • Age 12: Upper and lower second molars and upper canines


If baby teeth are not lost in the right order, or if a tooth is lost and more than three months go by without a permanent replacement coming in, there may a problem. Some possibilities include missing teeth, crowding, problems with the tooth loss mechanism, or the underlying tooth is just crooked and it is not pushing out the one above it. These are simple problems that orthodontic treatment in Cortlandt Manor New York can fix. Call the Glaser Orthodontics office if you are experiencing these problems. By contacting us, we can ensure your child’s oral health. Just as other kinds of development fluctuate, tooth loss can fluctuate as well.